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This chapter made me realize something, I really don't like Mangastream's translations .. much.

Take this chapter for example, in my opinion they completely ruined what was Minato supposed to say about Naruto's Rasengan. "That slick bastard Naruto .." like hell would Minato say it like that. It's just so much out of character.
Yeah, it sounded more like what Hashirama would say about Madara gaining Rinnegan :p.

Hmmm, I'm not sure about the Hollow thing, is that the shape of Ino's Soul, or is that the White Shadow ?

Summons... so, is Sasuke, Naruto and Hinato the only ones with them ? The answer is no, so why weren't they used up until now by other ninja (Temari had a Kamaitachi styled one ) ?

So, is Katsui the only Slug that can be summoned and only in her full form, or can be a part of her summoned ? If so, it would have helped Sakura heal people and herself along the way through most of this series...

Somehow the more I look at their growing up forms, the more they remind me of Joker :p.