Ok, so I remember Aizen saying that his reasons for seeking a method of hollowfication is that no matter if you master all 4 of the fighting methods for shinigami, you still hit its limit. We also saw that Aizen cut down about 10 captain class shinigami in one short fight(in KT just before he started transforming and Isshin arrived). He didn't use any of his sword techniques.

So my main question here is why the hell is Hitsugaya making such a big deal over starting training from the start when he can still fight using Hakuda, Hohō and Kidō. If you ask me, he should be practicing those techniques, because when he did have his bankai, he was always swinging around his sword. He can still do that, so why not focus on the other areas?

When in doubt, follow the Kenpachi model. "Doesn't take anything fancy to cut down people, just raw power".