Well.. I just freakin loved this chapter, We dont advance much from the story and it was a bit all over the place, but we learn or see some awesome things.

I felt bad for Hitsugaya, but I guess hes taking the correct path, he DID rely on hyourinmaru, still... going with those "crappy" low - 10th division dudes is just... weird, we know hes not that BAD with a sword, like my2kb2 said if he really wanted to sharpen his sword fighting skills, he wouldve gone with Kyoryaku, or even train with Yoruichi (who still has to make an appereance) shes a good teacher xD But besides that, its probably to raise his teams spirits.

Im really eager to see Hisagis bankai, I think Kensei implied he had one, but even if he doesnt, he WILL have one by the time the second invasion arrives, and "Super FukuTaichou" cracked me up! specially with all the glossy design on the arm band xD.

Now Komamuras part, funnily enough is what intrigues me the most. Its always been, something left unexplained to me and for everyone else I believe. Every member practically from the Gotei 13 and citizens of the Rukongai, look like..well.. humans, some are weird but still human, but then you see komamura and ask "Just what the heck is he?" I love his character and all, but finally the time has come xD Hopefully in these following chapters Kubo explains just what is he, but at least now we know there is another one like him probably a race? and dayum, is that Komamuras teacher? father? hes huge, I wonder if Komamura too will get someday as huge xD