Yes indeed guys, yes indeed. The only real problem I had was that even if they mixed clans, there power should stand out just like an Uchiha's would. Even when Sasuke was supposedly the only Uchiha alive, he received great praise for his natural talents and abilities.

It was stated that overtime it became painfully obvious that the Senju were superior in combat. I feel as though if they are all mixed in somewhere, their abilities should really stand out: their tremendous chakra should really stand out. The few we know of have great power. A power non analogous to any other ninja current day (non edo tensei).

I'm willing to accept the clan mixing, but now they're great power missing. When a Uchiha is on the field, his or her presence is known whether they bare the name Uchiha or not. In fact, there power is the primary problem right now. The Senju who outclassed them should be know as well. Lastly, other than Paulbees explanation to put my mind at ease, why oh why is it the only clan to no longer be established, with its own traits an techniques. Plenty of other clans have been known to mix (just as they should), and last name or not, their abilities are directly related to their lineage, and clan specialties.

But I'll let this go now lol We can get back on topic