Freaking epic, that last panel of team 7, gave me the goose bumps.

Minato being able to use bijuu mode, isn't that difficult to accept, after all it was him, that perform the original seals (on him and on Naruto), and on the death gods belly, even having no real body, Kurama's chakra was within him, so he may have struggle (probably less) like naruto did, to tame it.
But it isn't necessarily sure that he needed to tame it, he only sealed chakra, not the Kyuubi's personality, he would only need to use the chakra and not fight with Kurama, to tame it.

The response of Sakura being Naruto's girlfriend, isn't shocking (at least to me), remember that just like Jiraya, who was in love with Tsunade all his live, so is Naruto in love with Sakura with all his heart. A few chapters ago, we saw Hinata stepping forward and assuming her love for Naruto, and for that, it was assumed that they would be together, let's face it, even Naruto could tell that she liked him, even if it was only when Pain attacked konoha.
And it makes some sense, Naruto and Sakura, are the closest couple, to have such similarities, with Minato and Kushina.

I really liked, Madara's reaction to Harashirama's arrival, that lunatic/ecstasy face on him, it was like "finally, i can get serious and enjoy the most pleasurable thing in this world."

The only little thing that disappointed me, was the reaction of Minato revealing himself has Naruto's father, only a few should know it, at least Sakura, who was the one closest should have had another reaction, but in the middle of the confusion, the revelation could have been lost in the moment, i expect that the reaction will come in a few chapters when things calm down or after all of the shinobi see Minato in bijuu mode just like Naruto (the only thing that distinguish them, is Minato's arm's that have those "spring", other than that, like father like son.