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Then why take up the name "Kurosaki"? Making the connection by name alone might be a lillte far fetched yes, but you'd think if he were trying to hide quincy involvement, that would be a good place to start. Also weren't Shinigami overlooking (as in, checking up on/spying on) known quincy families? If they knew about Uryu's, they could have known about Kurosaki's just aswell. So in that sense, making the connection by name isn't implausible at all.

Also, we know that at least Karin has become pretty adept eversince Ichigo lost his powers, and Yuzu might not be far behind. I don't know, honestly i still feel like i'm missing something here.
Actually, no one was checking on Quincies as only Mayuri had any interest in them after their threat was ended by the shinigami and then he had satisfied his own curiosity with them as well sometime after he had Ishida's grandpa kidnapped. He explained all this before He and Ishida fought in SS. This further shown by Ryuken scolding Masaki for helping Isshin that one time, because the quincies had laws against having any contact with shinigami to keep their apparent resurgence secret. So its understandable for Isshin to take the name Kurosaki since he was seemingly trying to hide himself and his family from SS. That is also the reason why all that history was also kept from Ichigo. Granted, it would make more sense for Isshin to make a whole new name to take to protect his family from all threats but oh well, that's just Kubo trying to copy Naruto with the Uzamaki curve-ball I think.