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    Quote Originally Posted by Nano View Post
    Ok Ill have a crack too:

    Minato teleports them away like you said. But Sasuke and Oro go to the Kage's with the second's teleport (Harshirama may be with them aswell). Oro will say what a great chance to kill them all, but Sasuke will say no. Oro will then try to heal Tsunde, but she is too far gone. She gives him a TNJ and we start to see who he is turning into, then she dies. Madara will go to Hashirama as soon as Minato teleports everyone away and they will have a chat and a fight away from everyone.
    I suspect Hashirama might go to Tsunade first, knowing that once the Throw Down with Madara starts, he might never have that chance to see his Granddaughter again.. Once there I feel Hashirama might be able to heal Tsunade or give her chakra. The reason is that Tsunade's self healing jutsu (I feel) only works because of her Senju ability that is probably a watered down version of Hashirama's ability. Hashirama may be able to synchronize himself to Tsunade and use that to heal her.

    Meanwhile, someone has got to hold back the Juubi or Madara for Minato to have the time to visit with Naruto, so I voted for Sandaime and Tobirama.

    I don't think Kakashi can defeat Obito given Obito is basically a Zetsu with Uchiha powers and highly primed mokuton. He doesn't even flinch with a huge hole in his chest, and probably he could even heal that at anytime he wanted. I voted for Kakashi to win or look like he wins, only because Obito wants him gone from their dimension while he thinks things through.

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    I just want to see sandaime and tsuchikage talk about being too old for this shi*t and no rest for the dead etc.

    There is almost no shortage of potential satisfying interactions no matter who ends up where.

    Paulbee is on the money as usual. I rather want talk no jutsu to win between kakashi and obito without the need for further "appearances". This is kakashi's final piece for his redemption too, even if his faults were not extreme. His talk no jutsu needs to finish what naruto's talk no jutsu started and if he can speak from authority his own feelings and experiences afforded him and succeed in saving obito then he will have achieved his most important piece of development. his meeting his dad was only part 2, getting obito back will be part 3 and closure to the "worse than trash" saga.

    it maybe sound like i want things to happen to quickly but if appearances must be cast then let obito and kakashi cast them of one mind and accord, working together. let them resolve their differences during their current scene and after that tension settles they create a ruse, possibly somehow incorporating symbolisms of chidori, which becomes the crucial part of either neutralizing the juubi or madara. that way we are free from more flashbacks that would happen if kakashi appears to win or lose and obito must think back to what he learned for a chapter and we miss out on minato's cool move that could have been shown that chapter but instead gets delayed 2 weeks :(
    Obito is Tobirama's great grandson. The proof is in the pudding.

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