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    Quote Originally Posted by paulbee View Post
    Out of the Four known species, Shinigami, Human, Hollow, and Quincy, There is only one that can routinely Materialize solid objects from spirit particles. The Quincy Bow they use as a weapon is Materialized by Quincies as they please. I am contending that Ichigo Manifested Zangetsu (the Sword) from His own Reiatsu and from nearby Reishi.

    Normal Shinigami require an Asauchi into which they pump their Reiatsu, Ichigo subconsciously used his innate Quincy abilities to Materialise Zangetsu without the need for an Asauchi.

    Normal Quincies only materialise a bow, but Ichigo being part Shinigami, his proclivity was to a sword rather than to a bow. So now, once Ichigo comes to terms with his Quincy side and gets a little help, he'll be able to rematerialise Zangetsu and any other object perhaps. Also note that Quincies are highly skilled at manipulating spirit particles (reishi).

    In fact if my memory serves correctly, Ichigo has Materialised Zangetsu Twice. The first time was under Urahara's shop, and the second time was when he regained his Shinigami powers. Both times he did it without an Asauchi. No other shinigami has ever done this before, this obviously has to be a Quincy act.
    No, or at least not quite. It's not always shown but the Quincy always use something as a medium to materialize their weapons. The standard Quincy use the Quincy Cross to materialize their Kujaku(bows), or other tools, like the Seiren Glove, or Bach using another medallion on his chest to pull out his sword (then he uses this sword or the air, to pull a bow, that pulls out another sword-arrow...). The only thing that they truly take out from thin air, are their arrows.

    What's interesting is that Yamamoto implied that once Fach's sword was destroyed, he wouldn't be able to recreate it (at least not in the same battle). It is quite interesting, because this means that their better weapons are crafted by the user that pours his reiatsu on it through days, weeks, month or years, in similar fashion how Ishida was able to create a stable, solid bow from the glove thanks to his training. It was shown that when he first started training with the glove, he wasn't able to pull out the solid form, but after training it day and night, it finally gained a proper form. Ryuken, Uryu, the Stern Ritters have showed that they are able to create a more solid weapons, for now it wasn't revealed if they have their own blacksmiths (Ryuken himself was able to create Soul Cutter-arrow, but it is unknown how), or if they polish their weapons with their own energy until those gain proper forms.

    Quote Originally Posted by paulbee View Post
    If it's true that Getsuga Tenshou is an Isshin Clan Technique, Then Older Shinigamis like Yamamoto Genrussai, Like Kyouraku, Like Unohana, should know it very well. They Should have recognized the name and the technique when Ichigo was throwing it all over the place.

    Make one think that SS knew who Ichigo was, but for some reason they decided to take no overt action regarding him. Perhaps The Spirit King an /or Squad Zero Had forbidden them from harming Ichigo as long as he commited no crimes.

    I suspect that the Spirit King may have had his eyes on Ichigo for quite a while now.
    When Ichigo first came to SS, they didn't have the chance to see Getsuga Tenshou. The only Shinigami that have seen it at the time of the SS arc, are Urahara, Tessei, Renji?, Byakuya and Yoruichi.

    Byakuya didn't recognize GT, but it's likely that no many people would recognize WE either, since in this case it was a final technique of the Noble Kuchiki Clan that needs to be mastered in order to become the new Clan Head. Assuming that Byakuya's bankai hasn't returned, he might be teaching it to Rukia (beside Bankai of course), since it seems to be the strongest technique he posses, quite similar to FGT, since both of them uses all the energy for one attack (though FGT is way more extreme).

    The name fits very well with what the Shiba clan does - taking care of transport for the RG, by literally piercing the heavens with a fang (pillar).

    So, is Ishin an unlicensed doctor, or did Urahara prepare a fake license for him ?

    Quote Originally Posted by Shock View Post
    9 years ago seems kind of long, is Karin and Yuzu 9 or younger? Maybe they aren't even his sisters? Either way neat chapter, nice info and good art. Im interested in seeing What Ichigo will do with all this info now, I actually didn't realize it was Isshin telling the story to Ichigo the whole time lol.

    I really like your theory Paul! I hope its true too cause that would solve a lot of problems, and add some depth to the story and make it seem like Kubo wasn't pulling this story from his ass as he goes haha.
    From what I remember they are both 4 years younger than Ichigo (twins, or were they born 9 months after each other within the same year ?).
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