Lets settle this question once and for all:

1) Ichigo is Part Shinigami and his Shinigami Powers were inherited from Isshin. Ichigo materialized Zangetsu without an Asauchi. Ichigo is NOT a (full) Quincy anymore than he is a (full) Shiinigami or a (full) Hollow. He is not even completely Human.

2) Ichigo's sisters MAY have the same issues as he does, UNLESS if Hichigo or (Whitey) Completely transfered to Ichigo, Not like an Infection which can spread to many people, but as a One to One transference. If this is true, then Isshin's Reiatsu transfered to Ichigo from Masaki. THIS would imply that Masaki was free of Whitey at Ichigo's birth.

3) Ichigo's manifestation of Zangetsu was a Quincy act, not a shinigami, not a hollow act.

4) Juha Bach kinds of resembles Zangetsu, but he has a squarer jaw and a Mustache.