I'm rewatching Naruto now with my wife and noticed a few things. First, his sand controlling abilities, these came from his mother right? Or rather, the auto-defense of the sand came from his mother? Controlling sand is like his clans ability? Like other people control other elements or? There seems to be some inconsistencies here, because other seem to state that the ability to control sand comes from Shukaku. What does it really come from?

I also believe it was stated (haven't gotten quite there yet in the anime) that Gaara's black lines around his eyes was due to his lack of sleep? Which can't be the case because his father also has those in the manga when he comes back as an edo. Though his eyes gradually get black lines, similar as Gaara has allways. So are the black lines around his eyes a result of the sand controlling jutsu? And the reason Gaara has those lines permanently is because of his mothers auto defense? Making that ability stay constantly on? Or?