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    Well guys we have to remember, i don't think this was supposed to be the chapter before the break remember, oda got sick that pushed things back a week. So, It might have been meant to be more epic, But i loved the chapter i thought it was jsut as good as last weeks we got to see some seriously strong guys, I can see the fish man guy befriending luffy, Also, i think that his punch, will be pawned, by some one, The fishman, ricky, bellamy, bartolomeo, someone.

    I also have a theory about ricky. I think he could be a White beard pirate, who could have been a former gladiator. Maybe fosa

    the way hes holding the sword seems similar, and the flames on his helmet could mean his flame sword. But the only hole in that is the White beard tattoo on his arm , but he could be hiding that to keep a low profile.
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