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I want the Manga to end with Naruto Making whole the Uchiha. (My personal desire)
Please elaborate! What do you think would make the Uchiha whole again? Aren't you worried that doing so will only lead them to pick up their paranoia and superiority complex again?

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After following the Manga for a decade or so, I am willing to allow for a truely Awesome ending (When I use the word awesome, I am thinking "Wrath of God" end of time kind of thing).
But aren't you worried that using this ending would do little to solve the hatred cycle thing, which is supposed to be Naruto's top priority? The only way it would work is through the Pain method (a catastrophe is used to rid the people of hatred--giving them a common goal or what not). But as Pain himself pointed out, such a solution would only be temporary--the people will eventually forget about it, and the old feelings and hatred will return.

Ah! Found my point again--Even after all the Madara and the Obito and the Ten-Tails is defeated, how does any of that resolve the core conflict of the manga: the cycle of hatred? (not trying to "stump" you or anything, Bee. Just throwing a question out into the ether/thinking aloud). If that connection can't be made, then all of this involving the Juubi and the So6P seems extraneous.