@Paul, thats why my faith in Naruto has slipped over the years. When I started reading naruto (bout 8-9 yrs ago) I was so happy with the story and I became a die hard fan. I used to crave my naruto chapter and I'd spend hours thinking up theories and considering what would happen in the next chapter.

Over that 8-9yr period, my faith has slipped. Its still there, but it ain't strong anymore. Naruto has become to predictable and the storytelling has become kinda lazy. Its not as EPIC as it used to be. Facts that once held true are no longer relevant in the Narutoverse. I don't know how to filter new info that I get each chapter when it sometimes conflicts with previous chapters. And this talk no jutsu is imo a cheap way of settling fights.

Lets hope it picks up as it draws to the end.