With Minato on his way, and Juubi going wild, the Yin half of the Kyuubi is going to be very critical. To my mind, this should bring to the front the question of Just how strong is the Kyuubi. What proportion of the Juubi's chakra does the Kyuubi posses, will Naruto Kyuubi-Sage Mode provide a counter to the Juubi, aided by Uzumaki seals from Minato?

I wonder who Sandaime will fight, Obito? Contrary to others I expect Minato to spend more time with Naruto, not with Obito, at least not initially.

When will Naruto use the 9 Names along with the Gift the Bijuus gave him? Will Kyuubi-Sage Naruto with the 9 names etc, turn into another Juubi...Not so far fetched an Idea.

It kind of feels like Kishi is rushing the end of the Manga a little, especially with The Four Hokages showing up (5 hokages if you count Tsunade), and with Sasuke and Orochimaru's conversions to the Good side.