^ It's warm and cozy, like a blanket .


Looks like it was Kakashi that sucked Obito away this time, or both of them did it at the same time. It would have been awesome if Minato were to stop their fight, in similar fashion that Kakashi stopped Nartuo vs Sasuke fight on the roof (I think that Kakashi might still have the kunai with him).

Madara sensed Edorama, but didn't notice others. I guess Hashirama's chakra alone, is as strong as Naruto's mixed with Kyubi, that everyone, even non-sensors can sense miles away.

Seems that other people can't use the chakra that Naruto gave them, if Naruto is manipulating it to protect those people. Not only that, but it even interferes with their own jutsu then. Makes sense since it works very similar to genjutsu at this point, but from the outside rather than inside. Or perhaps, those banding-sealing like properties can be attributed to his lineage...

Obito was waiting for Jyubi to reach a certain level of power. It seems that he doesn't need it to be fully completed, or simply the only way to control now, is to become it's jinchurki, thus leaving him no other choice.