"Terrorizer" magazine has just issued the results of 2009 readers’ poll.
We are extremely proud to announce that Behemoth took the first spot in the
following (nearly all!) categories:

- Best Band;
- Best Live Band;
- Best Bassist (Orion);
- Best Guitarist (Nergal);
- Personality Of The Year (Nergal);
- Best Drummer (Inferno);
- Best Vocalist (Nergal);
- Best Album (Evangelion);
- Best Cover Art (Evangelion).

You can find the whole article below (click on the image to enlarge).
Thank you for all your votes!!

Words from Nergal:
"That's what i call domination, haha! Seriously,
i dunno what to say. When last year we won
three categories i thought it's already at peak
of our possibilities. This time we made the
impossible possible... Or i should say,
YOU made the impossible possible! I
would like to thank each one of you
who voted for us and believed in
Behemoth and "Evangelion". It means everything to us!"
I mean wow...just amazing. Although i don't agree with some of the placements on there, still, im a Behemoth fan, and im very happy for them to be able to reach that recognition in such a short time. I remember back then in like 8th grade, i believe i was around the only if not one of the few to listen to Behemoth in Texas, let alone, in the US, everyone in middle school was either listening to new sell out rap or listening to Evanscence. Im glad and abit proud to be one of Behemoth's fans. Up the irons for Behemoth!