I seriously hate how Bellamy looks like a mix blood giant now - regardless if you liked him or not his old character design was much better. (though I admit I am biased, I hate any character taller then Franky, I give a except for Brook because he's a skeleton and that's cool)

Also, I hope when Bellamy went to Sky Island he beat the crap out of Wiper, I swear, Wiper was the pinnacle of a weakling who acted like he was the strongest (in case you forgot, he seriously thought he could fight and beat Zoro/Luffy (and everyone else) even though his ONLY power came from using the dials, his reliance on the reject dial just showed how weak he was).

I think I may be the only person who liked Bellamy, say what you will, but Bellamy is one of the few REALISTIC pirates, when he was first shown he didn't go for mythical treasures - he didn't go for any nonsense that wasn't steeped in reality... Yes, he was a mean guy but what do you think Pirates were like? The fact he stole the golden pillar makes me like him more - if Luffy was anything like a real Pirate he would had taken the Pillar too.