Hey no they are not double feature but I haven't seen Naruto for 3 weeks and decided to catch up. Those that throw their nose in the air of anything filler are really missing out.

- First the new op is awesome especially the Mizukage part with a sneak peak at Madara and the Kages fighting. My goodness if the real episodes have that fluid quality animation that would be awesome!!

- Second I know is just an Op but it was kind of cool seeing everyone's "spirit animal" or whatever that was suppose to be. The Tsuchikge's wasn't an animal but a knife or something I couldn't make out.

- Down to the story bringing Hayate and his lover back into the story was one of those things fans always wanted to see since she did vow to avenge him.

- This is one of those filler I enjoy watching it adds more depth to some cannon parts of the story.

Go watch that!

Shippuuden 307
Shippuuden 308