Interesting enough this episode borrowed one of the ideas I had about a rogue samurai being brought back with Edo Tensei. While the episode itself wasn't terribly interesting although it was cool seeing the Akatsuki.

The setup for the next episode does add something it does look like this is what Sasori referenced about when he was talking to grandma Chiyo. when they fought back then she mentioned her 10 puppets once overtook a castle and Sasori said his 100 puppets once conquered a country.

Looks like we will see that battle and that Samurai guy will face off against Sasori I bet.

Upcoming episodes:

310 "The Fallen Castle" "Rakujō" (落城) - April 25, 2013

311 "Prologue of Road to Ninja" - May 2, 2013

312 "The Old Man and the Dragon's Eye" "Rōjin to Ryū no Me" (老人と龍の目) - May 9, 2013