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Can't speak for the rest of you, but any plan with Sasuke going back to the dark side because of being controlled is kinda weak. Sasuke and Naruto are first class ninjas and the whole series has been about developing them as being the two top shinobi. If they are as badass as they've been developing to be, then some cheap trick like genjutsu or some body control technique will simply destroy the image Kishi has been developing for them.

I hate that Sasuke has acknowledged that he's going to make good on Itachi's sacrifice, because that simply means that he's on the good path again. Is he lying about being good? sure he could be, but that's just another cheap way of spinning the story. To add to my frustrations, Naruto no longer seems to have a path to play in redeeming Sasuke. Whilst he might've been one of the reasons for Sasuke's objectives changing, unless Sasuke says so, we assume that Naruto did not actively play that part given to him by Itachi.

I'm interested to see how it develops, but as it does, its becoming harder and harder to envision an outcome that satisfies the Naruto Sasuke fight without seeing cheap plot twists.
Its never safe to assume too much in Naruto. Sasuke is going to pitch in on the war, yes. but he's said nothing about returning to the leaf and remember how annoyed he was when he sensed naruto's chakra? those two may still have a score to settle yet?