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@ Famous,

I remember trying very hard to convince others that Tobirama is not what he's being percieved to be. He is just a severe, no-nonsense unsentimental kind of guy, but he was never a brute. We already knew that Kagama Uchiha was in his squad, and being the 2nd Hokage was no picnic.

The present from Yondaime, heh heh, it's of course the Kyuubi's Yin Chakra, probably also News about his Herritage and Relatives for Naruto, so that he's not so alone anymore, lastly maybe the secrete of using Hirashin.

As for the future, I Wonder. If Naruto's dream is to be the greatest Hokage EVER, and to be "stronger than his mom and cooler than his dad", then I think there may yet be another twist to this story.

I'm not sure how it will happen, but Kishi will have to remove the Hokages somehow and let Naruto shine. Maybe Naruto gets Kyuubi Yin (and Hirashin), this then awakens a Rikudo Mode that outshines Madara's Rinnegan. Perhaps the Hokages Fight Madara and Juubi while Naruto powers up. Madara could use the Rinnegans Soul Sucker to end ET for the Hokages. Tobi might die or Flip Flop back to Naruto's side....nah!

Wonder about poor ol Sakura now that Saske is good again and Karin is all over him.

If Naruto does gain Rikudo Mode (or Over-Mode), I'd like him to do something for the Uchiha, revive them perhaps, maybe Sandaime too. (Sentimental me ).
I agree that Naruto will gain a more powerful mode (here's to still hoping for Kyuubi/Sage Mode, even though Naruto's next power-up appears to be the Kyuubi's Yin).

And yeah, you were right about Tobirama, it's just that he says things in a way that makes him seem highly prejudiced, not just severe. I dunno, I can't blame Sasuke for getting the impression Tobirama disliked the Uchiha.

I really hope Naruto and Sasuke get a chance to shine! They need a battle that surpasses Madara vs. Hashirama in scale... it would be such a waste for them not to fight.