I think the meeting between Sasuke and Naruto after the Danzo fight was meant to add a little hype to "Naruto vs. Sasuke" I'm almost sure he will implement the fight somehow. Just not in the seemingly obvious way we thought it seems. Kishimoto likes to keep you guessing when he can. I do hope they team up as well. I can't even imagine all the emotion that would be wrapped around Naruto and Sasuke fighting side by side again.

Also, I agree with POW. It would be amazing to see the third fight with no limitations. He was old in the fight vs. Orochimaru, but to see the man who knows over 1,000 jutsu let loose unbound would be quite a treat.

And I can only dream of a bunch of Naruto clones using FTG on the battlefield. I really felt that Chakra Mode was a prelude to him learning FTG. Especially when Tsunade said that they would leave FTG to HIM. They were already talking about Madara, so I believe that there is no way that she wasn't referring to Naruto.