You know the next couple of chapters are going to be good. All four Hokages entering the fray and not to mention Sasuke and Orochimaru also coming along. Can't wait to see Naruto's face light up when he see's his zombie dad and his best friend are joining the fight against Madara.

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im sorry but this is ridiculous, so much hype over naruto vs sasuke and now it wont happen, all that bs about naruto changing sasuke but in the end it was a flashback from hashirama that did it.
Calm down it might happen just not how you wanted it.

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In the end Naruto did nothing else then endure and believe in Sasuke coming back .. maybe this is the message Kishimoto wants to "send" to the fans - that no matter how immpossible the goal, if you never back down and endure eventually the world will align in a way that it will become possible. I think this is the answer to the big question - how will Naruto turn Sasuke good again - the answer was there all along .. by simply never stop believing that it can happen.

The next chapters are going to be something else, I mean you will have pretty much all the best living and revived ninjas in one place fighting together. All that is left is to revive the Sage of the Six Paths and the manga could end right there and then .. wait .. maybe that is precisely how it is going to end :O

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Minato's present for naruto = the rest of kurama's chakra? Or what could it be?
I thought the same thing but its probably gonna be a jutsu Minato wanted to teach if he had gotten a chance to raise him.