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    Ok now that I've calmed down abit, reasonably whilst I know this pretty much screws up the naruto sasuke dynamic, it is somewhat reasonable. I mean you could see Itachi's final words affecting sasuke and it would make sense given that itachi was everything to sasuke. Coupled with what the 1st told him it is not entirely impossible that sasuke wouldn't 'see the light'. Having said that i wouldnt be surprised if what he's doing now is saving the village so that he can be the one to mess it up personally.

    As for orochimaru, until kishi says what was his true motive of attacking the village in the 1st place, i would say he never was a conventional villian since his main goal in life was to learn all that he could about everything which on its own is not inherently wrong, just that his methods were wrong.

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    Senior Member Yoru's Avatar
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    Sasuke went trough his own very personal path. An interior journey from hatred to darkness and with the help of itachi he was able to see the light again. The words of the first hokage concluded his journey for answers. He finally realized how important is it to honour itachi's will. I don't think Sasuke has hidden motives behind his change.
    Orochimaru's sudden change tho' seems fishy, but I agree with the statemente above: since we dunno what his motivation was we cannot judge yet.

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    This is one of the reasons I love this manga. No character are just evil without a cause. Makes me wonder though what will happen next. We Allways thought Sasuke and Naruto would fight because history repeats itself. But maybe that's why Sasuke will turn good? To change that cycle. And they would both combine their powers to defeat Madara, Obito and the juubi.

    Makes sense no?

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    I wonder... I hope Kishimoto is not rushing the end of this manga a little bit.

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    So Sasuke is now good, well I did see that coming a few chapters, months or even years ago (not to mention that there was always a possibility, it was simply wavering between likely and unlikely ).

    Hooray, for some information about Kagami . It was short, but certainly vital . Now all that's left for Kishi, is to reveal Itachi's girlfriend (she might actually be alive knowing Itachi ;P).

    Oro's change of mind wasn't so sudden. He was observing from inside Kabuto for months (the chakra, thus mind, sucked out from Kabuto) and after comparing his ways with Sasuke's, Oro determined that Sasuke's is more likely the right way. Still, I wonder what was his reason for destroying the leaf ? Actually, I'm wondering if perhaps Oro wasn't affected by Izanami, after all he saw everything.

    Chidori blade works like a damn Pokeball. Seriously, everyone that was pierced by it was captured by Sasuke . The Itachi clone (the real zombie Itachi did join his side after all), Oro, Karin, technically even Naruto (though it was a normal chidori ).

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    Yesss... Rlinfamous's Avatar
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    Really let down that Naruto vs Sasuke won't happen... I was hoping that things were building so that Sasuke might have a more informed reason to want to destroy the Shinobi system. To me, that was going to be the climax of the series, once the war of zombies was over with. Now it seems like Madara really is the end villain... the series is literally sprinting to a close now. I thought after a month of tedious flashbacks we were sure to draw out Sasuke's character development, but apparently thanks to those flashbacks we can fast-forward to Sasuke being redeemed (by EDO Hashirama and EDO Itachi, not even a living person).

    Orochimaru's character flop is fine, I kindof understand his motives... I think seeing his ideals carried on through Sasuke (not as an imitator, but as a sort of kindred spirit) reflects part of what Orochimaru believed he could achieve on his own through immortality. The Will of Fire is a different sort of immortality... reminds me of the argument Tsunade had with Madara.

    The BIGGEST character flop (but least important so w/e) was Tobirama. Ever since he was revived (and in flashbacks), we've seen nothing but bigoted remarks towards the Uchiha. "It's just like one to keep such company!", "You've inherited the Uchiha's evil, boy"... list goes on. Now he acknowledges them as decent people who nonetheless were a wild card due to their eyes? Well that doesn't fit well with his claim that an Uchiha could be expected to keep shady companions like Orochimaru...

    Oh yeah, and to everyone who thought it didn't make sense that Minato could somehow give Naruto the missing Yin half of the Kyuubi... oh well, it's happening.
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    Well this is not that unexpected to me at all. There are some of us who have been saying that Kishi messed up when Madara entered the battlefield. He is by far the strongest uchia, not to mention he has the rinnegan, ems, 1st wood style jutsu and a perfect susano. IMO this overshadowed Sasuke vs Naruto fight.

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    I always figured if Saskue and Naruto didnt fight again then they would fight together, which is still just as awesome IMO.

    Here's my thing: I wanted to see Naruto and Saskue join forces and fight Madara, but now, all of a sudden you have all 4 Hokages on the scene. Who are they gonna fight? The jyubi? Well that would suck because now I want to see Hashirama and Tobirama fight Madara. So I guess that would leave Naruto and Saskue to fight Obito, which wouldnt be that great because I picture Naruto and Saskue mopping the floor with Obito. Also, where does this leave Minato and Sarutobi? What will Orochimaru be doing in this battle?

    Good chapter, I like how all the Hokage's jump to their corresponding statues.

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    Minato's present for naruto = the rest of kurama's chakra? Or what could it be?
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    I wonder if Orochimaru is still planning to take over an Uchiha... he's got two others now that Sasuke is unobtainable

    Also I wonder if Madara will try and take over Sasuke somehow, turn him into a vessel ala Orochimaru immortality technique, and then use him for a little bit to f it up, hes just a soul using a dead body after all...

    Liked the chapter though, and loved how they all went to their respective stone heads, but then I thought wth they just left Sasuke lol.

    Im really excited to see this battle, I want to see something good like the Sasuke vs. Deidara fight!
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