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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackriot69 View Post
    Well, Law did hint in the past arc that the Yonkou have an entire network of crews beneath them, so it is understandable that BB would have the same, especially if he is taking over WBs territories. Really surprised to see Oda introduce one of the BB pirates this soon, but being Burgess it certainly fits.

    Also, while I still believe the blind guy is Fugitora, I can see how Oda could be setting him up to look like Kyros. Just a bit of misdirection I'd say.

    Rebecca for next crew member, where she will eat the Mera Mera?!
    Actually it was mentioned earlier on that BB's crew was on a DF hunt. Which means that with the appearance of the mera mera no mi it is only natural for one of them to show up. Probably burgees is not there alone and block B or D has another BB crewmate. probably Shirew seeing as he loves bloodshed so much. BB is the one we will not be seeing this early after the break but his crew mates on the other hand is another story.
    Anyway, I also think aggeroff might be right about the blind guy being both Fujitora and Kyros. One thing I don't understand though, why do people keep getting fooled about Luffy's appearance with this many wanted posters around? Granted that a person might change but that much. "An-eight-metre-giant" lol. Anyway the best chapter for a while now.
    Lastly I hope Cavendish is on block C so Luf....sorry...Lucy could curb stomp him for shits and giggles. He would count himself Lucky for not meeting Kidd first,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackriot69 View Post
    Was I one of the only ones to believe Bellamy was alive O.o Pretty sure I was.
    No you were not !

    great to see bellamy, not sure how he will play in to this,
    Come on oda, give me some gin!
    great chapter!
    Quote Originally Posted by arisart View Post
    Lol, I bet you argue too much with cross. It's not really healthy you know.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mister Death View Post
    Hey stick to the topic, quit asking nonsense question about other series or if cross777 is thunder luffy which by the way have different IP addresses.... Next person that goes off topic will be infracted...

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    Lol the Funk Brothers as in Dory & Terry Funk! VERY nice homage! Funk U Dojo ftw.

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    The French Tickler pratesh's Avatar
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    Is it just me or does Rebecca look alot like Marguerite from the Kuja. Also, Jesus is here, and based on them saying that he's the first fleet captain, Its clear that Blackbeard has established his Pirate Crew's structure alot like Whitebeard did. Because having him named as the first fleet captain, Its safe to say that other top members of the BB pirates are also leading their own fleet.

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    the legend from the country of flowers: sai, boo & don chinjao
    the assasins of the neighbour country,the funk brothers; bobby & kerry
    the king and the tactician of prodence kingdom; elisabelo & dagama
    the class A war criminal; slayman
    the former bouty hunters; abdola & jet
    the adventurist; ohlumbus
    the donquixote family endorsement; hyena bellamy
    the pirate prince; cavendish
    the crazy rookie; bartolomeo
    the possible next strawhat crew; the undefeated woman, rebecca
    the kyros
    the first fleet captain of the four emperors, blackbeard pirates; jesus burgess
    and the gladiator; lucy~

    its a wow..too much info to digest and to be discussed.

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    Well, correct me if i am wrong but this is the first time since the Fake Strawhat crew assembled an bigger crew that we saw other rookies from another year (Bartomoleo and Cavendish).
    Curious what difference there is with them and the Worst Rookie Generation.. . (I think Cavendish will be obliterated but Bartomoleo is maybe an wild factor).

    And all the other (wo)mans introduced.. Maybe we will get to know more (Famous/Bigger) crews now as we continue our One Piece Storyline.

    What an chapter.. damn !

    You Become Someone, By Doing Something.

    Just.. Epic.

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    You know, the appearance of Burgess makes the obtainment of the Mera Mera all the more complicated and uncertain, even more so than it was previously. I highly doubt BB would send more than one division leader to this tournament. Like any of the Yonkou, BB trusts his commanders can perform as expected, in this case, completely sweeping the Corrida tournament and obtaining a rare logia DF, the Mera Mera no less. Still, the BB pirates assuredly aren't going to play by the rules. Burgess likely has his crew members working on stealing the DF just in case things don't go as planned. The interaction between Burgess/BB and Diamonte/Doflamingo ought to be quite interesting.

    Also, I cannot see the final four winding up being Burgess, Bartomoleo (likely the winner of B), Luffy, and Rebecca. That leaves Cavendish, Bellamy, and the rest of the newly introduced characters to face off against Luffy in his respected division. Still haven't decided if it will be Bellamy or Cavendish that causes Luffy to reveal himself......

    I'm really hoping for an all out brawl between the SHs and Doflamingo Family and now possibly Burgess's crew to conclude this arc with the SHs (at least the MT and Franky) standing tall in the arena. They would finally have the much needed post-timeskip recognition they deserve then, bounties, bounty posters, another unbelievable feat under their belts, and possibly another crew member?

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    Yonkou Hart_lerouxx's Avatar
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    ^another crew member? Yes!! We're dying after Jinbe postponed.

    I still believe Sanji would eat d mera2, or maybe he enter d tournament to kill violet's target.

    Btw, just wonder. Kaidou most likely send his elite crews to dressrosa. Where re they? Could it be, 2 elite crew from 2 Yonkous, and 1 top pirate+escaped prisoner from lv 6?
    Still, luffy is way too strong for em.

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    首はねスレイマン Saiges's Avatar
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    Alabasta nostalgia...this is great! Rebecca will be the Vivi of Dressrosa. Except in this case I have a feeling she will actually join the SH's! If this goes similarly to Alabasta then an all out brawl is inevitable!

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    This chapter is really really awesome. makes me think of a one piece game that not just a fighter. Maybe a game where you have to go out and explore and make yoru own crew. Maybe something similar to that lord of the rings game where you follow the one piece crews areas or you go on yoru own journey across the the sea. you here about all the other different crews and you get to pick what your character looks like and different pwoers that they have. As you go along though you pick up different crew memebers and you can either be a strawhat crew or something like white beard where you own a huge fleet. Maybe have that happen in the later game. But seeing all these different crews and characters really makes me interested in playing the whole universe instead of jsut the fighters.

    On a side note. I don't think any of the current crew should get a devil fruit. I feel it would completly ruin their characters if they did. The whole point of usopp and nami is that they have no special powers like a super kick, robot body or swords. They have their own unique but effective way of fighting. We also haven't seen everything they can do yet since the time skip. i'm hopinh we get to see usopp show of more of his strength and nami use more then just lightning. Just cause they can't take a punch (don't know about usopp yet) doesn't mean they cant dish out the pain.

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