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Well, Law did hint in the past arc that the Yonkou have an entire network of crews beneath them, so it is understandable that BB would have the same, especially if he is taking over WBs territories. Really surprised to see Oda introduce one of the BB pirates this soon, but being Burgess it certainly fits.

Also, while I still believe the blind guy is Fugitora, I can see how Oda could be setting him up to look like Kyros. Just a bit of misdirection I'd say.

Rebecca for next crew member, where she will eat the Mera Mera?!
Actually it was mentioned earlier on that BB's crew was on a DF hunt. Which means that with the appearance of the mera mera no mi it is only natural for one of them to show up. Probably burgees is not there alone and block B or D has another BB crewmate. probably Shirew seeing as he loves bloodshed so much. BB is the one we will not be seeing this early after the break but his crew mates on the other hand is another story.
Anyway, I also think aggeroff might be right about the blind guy being both Fujitora and Kyros. One thing I don't understand though, why do people keep getting fooled about Luffy's appearance with this many wanted posters around? Granted that a person might change but that much. "An-eight-metre-giant" lol. Anyway the best chapter for a while now.
Lastly I hope Cavendish is on block C so Luf....sorry...Lucy could curb stomp him for shits and giggles. He would count himself Lucky for not meeting Kidd first,.......lol.