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    Quote Originally Posted by Rlinfamous View Post
    Still pretty confident in my theory that Madara survived using Muu's splitting technique, which he'd copied with the Sharingan. The other half of Madara is what Hashirama noticed when he looked up at the cliff after the Madara in front of him fell.

    Madara spent his time after leaving the village acquiring new powers, hence stating in his final battle with Hashirama that he was no longer the same foe Hashirama had known. The most significant power-up was controlling Kurama, but I think he also gained new jutsu.

    And why didn't Hashirama or someone transplant Madara's eyes after killing him? It'd be a major curveball if Kishi lets Hashirama join the battlefield and it turns out that, just as Madara transplanted Hashirama's cells after their battle, Hashirama transplanted Madara's eyes, and it was a Rinnegan vs Rinnegan clash. I know you're not supposed to be able to power-down transplanted eyes, and Hashirama doesn't seem the type to steal the eyes of the friend he'd just killed... but it WOULD be epic.
    Wasn't that splitting jutsu a kekkei genkai of some sort ? It was like an advanced from of KB.

    Hmmmmmm, I'm not sure, it all depends on how many jutsu Madara could use. After all, Kakashi became famous because he could use most of the jutsu has saw, seemingly indifference to other Uchiha (though it all depends on when he became famous), though Itachi seemed to have a similar style without using his MS (adjusting the jutsu he acquired to the type of battlefield).

    Wait a minute, this would make logical what Itachi said, that Hashirama's Chakra would quickly resupply/replenish Kotoamatsukami :O. He knew about it, because Hashirama already proved it with Madara's/Izuna's eyes :O ? Still, I don't think that Hashirama awakened Rinnegan. It took decades before Madara's EMS turned into Rinnegan. Frankly speaking it sounds fishy, it's like someone aided him without him noticing, like the older Brother or someone. It make no sense that after weakening because of the old age, the eyes got stronger. Unless the near death experience is what was the final key to awakening it.

    I was rereading some chapters and noticed that Dan recognized Naruto as Nawaki, saying that they look exactly the same ( For Naruto to look just like him, might mean that one of his parents have strong blood ties with Nawaki's parents, hinting at Minato being quite closely related to the Senju (sine Uzumaki have split form Senju long ago), or the other non-senju parent (in case one of them were not Senju).

    The Edo Tensei is really broken. The Madara on the battlefield was revived with an armor (even though both of them, the Vote and the Cave, died without it) and with Izuna's eyes turned into a Rinnegan. If this Madara is revived from the one that died at Vote, then he shouldn't have Rinnegan, while if it is the one that Obito see dying, then he should have only one random Sharingan in his eye-socket. Assuming that those 2 are Madara, but split apart, it's possible that the current Edodara's soul is a complete one (fused together after death), while the body is the one from the Vote, simply better enhanced with H-face, making him activated the Rinnage partially thanks to his soul remembering how to do it and to Kabuto enhancing his body ?

    Oh right, I forgot to mention that we still haven't seen anyone with a leaf's headband in that flashback. This might actually mean that the Madara we see owning Onoki and Mu, might actually be Tobirama's ET :O. That would be a little wicked, but it would explain why Madara knows so much about ET, because otherwise he had no chance to experience it or seemingly see Tobirama doing it.
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