Hmm... what do I wanna see from Naruto in 2012...

1. Naruto gets some nookie, from either Tenten, Karin, Sakura, Hinata, the fourth Mizukage or all five at once.
2. Saskue stops being all emo and shit. Ohhh I feel so sad that everyone took advantage of my brother's sacrifice that I am gonna kill then with my OP Haxxs
3. Finally see "That Jutsu".... and laugh
4. See Sakura finally admit she is completely useless in every way, shape and/or form
5. See Kakashi's face
6. See Sasuke get his shit pushed in by Naruma/NarutoXKurama
7. Watch Itachi kick the shit out of Kabuto
8. Find out that Tobi is actually a Arrancar (2 differents masks in the series...think about it) and see the mega awesome NarutoXBleach Crossover for 300 chapters
9. Find out that Edo Madara/Tobi the Arrancar Moon's Eye plan is actually a plan to open Konoha's First Optometrists office and Obito was going to be there first patient but the plans and his death it didnt work out
10. Get three one shot 50 page mangas of Icha Icha Paradise/Violence/Tactics before the series ends
11. Find out Guy and Lee are more then Student/Teacher and actually... Co-Owners of a time share in Sand Country. Lee gets it every other Summer and Winter
12. Watch as Naruto applies to become a chunin and get wrecked in the first round because he got "Distracted" by Tenten, Karin, Sakura, Hinata, and the fourth Mizukage in an epic 5 on 5 BaseKetBall showdown.... and pretty tiring marathon hot tube session XD
13. And finally... Watch Naruto become the 5th Hokage and declare Friday as Free Day Ramen or FDR

Anyone else wanna add something or subtract something?