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    Have Naruto beat some sense into Sasuke would be #1 on my list. Also, would like to see Naruto and Bee encounter one another. We need some Jinchurukki double-team destruction.

    They could be the alliance's ace in the hole. I'm sure any other force would have their hands full with two of the most unpredictable ninjas ever.

    As long as everything just keeps on flowing forward, then that's already enough.
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    - No More Cry Babies

    - A Chuck Norris Type Character (Who Has No Flaws)

    - No More Stupid Surprises (Like Danzō's Arm With Sharingans)

    - Better Plot

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    I just want the Naruto from the end of Pain arc back. While fully understanding his reasons to behave like He did afterwards, it was a bit overdone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by POW View Post
    - A time skip
    Yes, I definitely agree that there should be another time skip, but this time I would like to see Naruto use it to actually learn some impressive new techniques. One thing I particularly want to see is for Naruto to learn how to control the 9-tails by training with Killerbee, Minato made it very clear that learning to control the 9-tails power is essential to defeat Madara. If that happens through some miracle 1 week training session like what Naruto is famous for I will be very disappointed. The Kages seem intent on hiding Naruto and Killerbee from Madara so I think it is the perfect opportunity for a time skip with them training together.

    Easy short cuts and handouts have become far too common for Naruto and Sasuke. I can tolerate them where they make sense but enough is enough, the only way Naruto is going to learn the skills necessary to face Madara is if he does some serious training and I believe that should require a time skip. I would also like to see Sasuke learn to do something besides completely relying on his eyes. Sasuke's battle with Danzou is quickly proving that relying purely on the power of the Mangekyou is foolish, he needs to learn to balance that power with other skills.

    Quote Originally Posted by POW View Post
    - More experienced Naruto & the rest of the younger generation

    - The Clone wars ...err I mean the Ninja war 4 with some good fights for the other side characters
    I agree with these points as well. Since the time skip the Konoha kids have really taken a back seat and we haven't really seen any of them besides Shikamaru and Sakura get into a serious battle. It made sense considering the enemies were members of Akatsuki and none of them were at that level alone but now that a ninja war is about to happen there should be many opportunities to see what the kids can do. Neji in particular should have grown tremendously since Hiashi started training him.

    I would also really like to see some team battles. One and one battles are fine but I think that too often they take the focus. Team work has always been a huge part of the story but we rarely get to see it applied in combat. I want to see the teams actually start acting like teams more and come up with good strategies that make use of all of their abilities to take down extremely powerful opponents. There hasn't been a really good team battle since Kakuzu and even in that battle I thought there could have been more teamwork still.

    Quote Originally Posted by POW View Post
    - Especially a Mega Sakura power upgrade
    I would like to see this happen also but not in the form of some super handout or super speed training, I want to see her growth happen as part of the next time skip. After the first time skip things were really looking up for Sakura, she had learned medical techniques, had improved her taijutsu, and even seemed to have matured. She actually seemed to have grown more than Naruto had. Since then though she has basically fallen back to the position of being a nearly useless supporting character. She seems to live completely in the shadows of Naruto and Sasuke, and while I don't expect that her level should ever rival theirs I would like to see her come into her own more. She doesn't really seem to have any direction besides being a love interest. Tsunade said that Sakura has amazing potential; I want to see some proof of that beyond her just standing in the background and healing people.

    Quote Originally Posted by POW View Post
    - A Kishi plot twist surprise new villain!

    - The Jyuubi to be unleashed !
    A new villain would be interesting but not a new major villain. I detest the idea of super powered characters simply popping out of nowhere. I think that Kishimoto has done a good job of explaining the villains and other powerful characters that he has brought in for the most part but he basically reached a peak with Madara, I can't really see how anyone stronger than Madara could exist. I think that their are likely more S-class criminals out there but only ones that are on par with the average members of Akatsuki. It would be ridiculous to me if someone of Pain or Itachi's level just dropped from the sky. I would really like to see Kabutomaru become a more major villain though; I think that would make a lot of sense. He is already well developed and he has a lot of power already, and is tied into everything.

    I would like to see some more S-Class enemies get brought into the fold but I would also like to see some fights against the bijuu. I was really disappointed that we almost never got to see Akatsuki's battles with the jinchuuriki, so I think seeing the Kages and such fighting against the bijuu would be quite cool.

    I think it is too early to see the Juubi unleashed, maybe next year but there is just too much that needs to happen before that.

    Quote Originally Posted by POW View Post
    - Also People seem to forget the 5 big ninja villages may be the strongest but they are not the only ninja villages around. It is possible Madara may rally the smaller villages with empty promises to create enough chaos that the larger villages find it difficult to interact with each other as they are all bordered by smaller countries.
    Agreed, right now Madara only has the 7 bijuu, Zetsu, and Sasuke, so it seems odd that he would be so confident going to war with just that. It seems natural to me that he would make use of the smaller ninja villages, many of which may be looking for a chance to rise in power. Once he shows that he has control of the 7 bijuu many ninja clans will likely rally behind him, after all Hashirama used the bijuu to balance power amongst the 5 villages. Now that Madara controls 7 of them, it is easy to see how he could use them to draw more followers to his cause. There are likely many who harber grudges towards the larger villages and are looking for an opportunity to fight back.

    There is also the issue of Orochimaru's old sound village and all of the mutants and test subjects that Sasuke set free. I think it would be odd if we never heard from them again. It is possible that Madara will use their gratitude towards Sasuke as a way to draw them to his cause as well. Of course it would also make sense if Kabuto decided to take control of the sound village and take Orochimaru's experiments to another level. Kabuto said that the reason he served Orochimaru was because of their similar way of thinking, it makes sense to me that he would pick up where Orochimaru left off.

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    i agree totally with the time skip, it would work extremely well and the could fit it in in like 6 months easily...

    It would give time for everyone to progress a bit, and a couple of new characters to fill in for lost characters spots. Personally, i think a new child prodigy that becomes pretty strong at a young age.

    Sakura is at a complete different level of sasuke and naruto. They'd either have to make her stronger out of nowhere or just have her get slaughtered or fight weak people, which she was a pretty important character. A time skip would help her to catch up somewhat to other characters.

    Lastly Minato's past, possibly naruto's mother's past mixed in there. It could also show some of danzo's past in there, too.

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    I don't think Sakura has to be as strong as Sasuke and Naruto as I see her ultimate opponent being Kabuto.

    To me it makes perfect sense that Sakura would face off against Kabuto as it is a good match up with both being medical ninja's. Sasuke and Naruto both faced high level fights that pushed their limits so I think she being part of the main trio should have a chance at it too.

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    I'm not satisfied until I see a huge favorite powerful opponent destroyed without breaking a sweat. Have Sakura go off for a while, train, and return. Then show us how strong Kabuto has become. Then have him charge at Sakura with a punch. Sakura catches the punch in her hand, crushed his bones to dust and then kills him with one hit. Then I will have some respect for her, not a moment before.

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    I think people are seriously underestimating Kabuto, he was already Kakashi's level before and now he has all of Orochimaru's powers. Sakura is still nowhere near Kakashi's level let alone Kabutomaru's. Orochimaru alone was far more powerful that Kakashi was I can see no possible way that Sakura would be a match for him and quite frankly I think it would be extremely stupid if she were to reach that level even if it were to be 3 years from now. I doubt that even Tsunade would have been able to defeat Orochimaru and with Kabuto's medical knowledge thrown into the mix I think that he is going to be way beyond her level when he learns to use Orochimaru's powers. Even if he doesn't recieve any more upgrades at all I don't see any logical way that Sakura could stand a chance and it would just be a bunch of Shounen sillyness if she were magically able to catch up.

    Naruto and Sasuke are exceptions who both got enormous hand outs and were born with unnatural advantages. Itachi has always been there to make sure Sasuke became strong and he gave him the biggest handout of all. In the case of Naruto he is not only the son of Minato, he also has been given the ultimate hand out in the form the Kyuubi. For Naruto and Sasuke it makes sense that they have jumped to a super high level because Naruto is a jinchuuriki who is also the son of the 4th Hokage and for Sasuke he is an Uchiha prodigy combined that potential with Orochimaru and Jiraiya's gifts and of course they are going to get strong fast.

    Sakura is a smart girl with above average potential in medical ninjutsu but she is a totally different case from Sasuke and Naruto. I think that Sakura should grow but within reason, I don't see any reason that she should be particularly above most of the other Konoha kids. I want to see her grow and become a more well rounded ninja who gets some decent battles but if she is able to defeat an opponent like Kabutomaru I think it will be a total joke. Orochimaru was a once in a generation genius who spent his entire life persuing power and Kabuto is a medical ninja who's skills even surpass Tsunade's in certain areas, combined they should be a match for just about anyone, Sakura doesn't and shouldn't be anywhere near their level alone, let alone combined. Perhaps in 20 years if she really works hard for it but even then I think it is a lot to ask.

    If Sakura does fight with Kabutomaru it should be with at least a whole team by her side. Anything less and it would just make a mockery of the character who was once one of the most powerful in the series.

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    we need to see naruto have a more balanced range of techniques more mid level attacks and defenses

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    I want Naruto and Sasuke to get over their angsty teenager phases and get back the cool resolve they used to have. Naruto used to show wisdom beyond his years at the coolest moments, and always put everyone in their place. Sasuke used to be able to keep a level head, pull through when needed, and was always "cool" when he needed to be.

    Now, they've both had their perceptions and beliefs shaken. Naruto's an inch from losing sight of his "never give up" nindo. And when he follows it, he isn't badass anymore, he's a whiny bitch. Sasuke isn't cool, isn't level-headed, and almost never pulls through, failing at everything he does. They need to mature, grow past their issues, and fight for what they're losing sight of. That's the way to truly restore the energy to this series, especially to it's hero. We need more of Naruto acting like he did against Neji, or while defending Tsunade from Kabuto, or facing Gaara. We need Naruto to stop being this wishy-washy pansy he's been ever since his best friend left him. He seemed to have mastered his emotions, particularly his impulsiveness, going into the Pain fight. Ever since it ended, he's traded impusliveness for something worse: inactiveness. He really hasn't done ANYTHING in almost thirty chapters.

    Naruto and Sasuke, on their own, are clearly failing. They're just not able to work properly with anyone, and it hinders them from their goals. Neither of them is going to take down Madara that way. However, I think the problem is that they're the only ones who can fight alongside each other. Think about the Zabuza arc, or when they first met Orochimaru... they tag-team properly, and they can take down anything. Naruto's the only one unpredictable enough and strong enough to take down a master like Madara who thinks he's seen it all, and Sasuke's the only one smart enough and quick enough to make it work.
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