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    New Year what do you want from Naruto??

    Ok lemmie start by saying I'm less of a fan since Naruto Shippuden.... No let me re-phrase that since Sasuke Shippuden started. I can bitch on forever about how the battles has gotten WAY too big. How Sasuke is dominating the story. How Kishi had two lame side characters kill Kisame. How much I have the word Rasengan now. How the current main villain has no ties to the main hero. How the side characters that people really care about aren't being used(most important Neji & Lee). How Sakura still doesn't use Genjutsu. How Kiba STILL isn't dead!!! But yea whatever lets look forward and talk about whats wanted and whats expected.. I have 3 scenarios that could be awesome IMO!

    First thing I want is for the Ninja alliance to fall apart. If Mist and Rock side with Madara causing Cloud to fly solo and leave Leaf & Sand in alliance. That would make for a more awesome Ninja War. Opens up a lot of crazy battle possibility's. I would kill to see Neji battle Ao..

    Or another alternative, how cool would it be if Itachi's nightmare came true? A divided Konoha between followers of Kakashi and the 3rd Hokage's ideals and Danzou with his eradicate all opposition stance. Civil war within the Leaf would be huge! Imagine the different clans and families fighting! Aburame and Hyuga sides with Danzou while Nara and Inuzuka side with Kakashi.. That could create some nice battles. Neji kills Kiba, I'll live with that..

    Lastly the main problem with the war as it is has to be the lack of villains. Wouldn't it be great if Madara has another squad of baddies? I mean seriously I can count 3 villains left. Madara, Zetsu and Orochibuto.. I'm not to keen on a bunch of Ninja's fighting giant monsters. Now if Madara had like 4 elite Ninja's that he could fuse with Biju chakra to make some badass faux jinchūriki to fight. That would be awesome!

    What do you think should happen? Like my ideas or add to them?

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    Sasuke should explode into a trillion pieces. If that can't happen at least let Sakura die when she tries to kill Sasuke.

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    Well well well in 2010 i want to see.......

    1) I want naruto to actually become a proper ninja and learn atleast ONE BLOODY OFFENCIVE JUTSU! Im sick and tied of hearing resengan this resengan that! He has wind eliment chakra and he isnt doing anything with it other than owwww look i have another resengan!!! He should learn atleast one mid - long range wind jutsu.

    2) I want sasuke to stop being a hax characture! he has used his mangekyou more in 3 battles that what itachi did in the whole manga! he needs to hurry up and go blind! or take itachi's eyes.

    3) Sakura needs to beet within an inch of her life to show how prefectic she is...

    4) I want to learn more about minato, his back story, more about his missions, how he became known as the talent you only see once in a generation (i know because of his brains/ jutsu but i want to know how he came up with them)

    5) naruto to learn Minato's Space/Time jutsu. But improve it.

    6) I want to see the nine tails (fully out)

    7) I want to know what "That jutsu" is...

    8) I want to know why itachi made naruto eat a crow....

    9) I really want to know - when jiraiya sent the key toad to naruto, How naruto still doesnt know about it and we havent seen it since....

    10) i want to see Lee vs neji!

    11) ... i could continue but i wont, kishi is an amazing writer that keeps suprising me and im glad he does, i know most of the stuff i said wont happen but i can hope cant i.
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    I just want the story not to suck...

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    I honestly want it to end.

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    Naruto needs to be trained by an elite ninja for atleast another year. My vote is for Tenten. He could use some weapons training from the master.

    I also want him to learn Minatos jutsu. Then get the seal tatooed on himself. The he could teleport around all his shadow clones.

    I wonder if a shadow clone can teleport using that jutsu?

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    Quote Originally Posted by blueiris385 View Post
    Naruto needs to be trained by an elite ninja for atleast another year. My vote is for Tenten. He could use some weapons training from the master.
    That's what i was talking about.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blueiris385 View Post
    Naruto needs to be trained by an elite ninja for atleast another year. My vote is for Tenten. He could use some weapons training from the master.

    I agree with this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by damnz View Post
    I honestly want it to end.
    I agree
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    - A time skip

    - More experienced Naruto & the rest of the younger generation

    - Especially a Mega Sakura power upgrade

    - The Clone wars ...err I mean the Ninja war 4 with some good fights for the other side characters

    - A Kishi plot twist surprise new villain!

    - The Jyuubi to be unleashed !

    - Also People seem to forget the 5 big ninja villages may be the strongest but they are not the only ninja villages around. It is possible Madara may rally the smaller villages with empty promises to create enough chaos that the larger villages find it difficult to interact with each other as they are all bordered by smaller countries.

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