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Shock, you brought to light something I missed this chapter. Thank You. But first I should point out that it was already shown that Zoro was faster than a fishman(Hodi) while under water. Which brings me to the thing I missed this chapter. It appears that Zoro is faster than Sanji seeing that Sanji was asking for Zoro to "wait up".

As for Who gets the mera mera no mi... If Luffy equals Law and Law was only a candidate for the heart seat which Diamante is already in the diamond seat then Diamante is greater than or equal to Law. Therefor Diamante is greater than or equal to Luffy. Meaning, if Luffy doesn't go all out and use his powers, then he will lose. So right now, I'm not too concerned who will eat it, I am more concerned if Luffy will even get it. Even still, Sanji? Never mind, it's probably a joke I don't get.
It was already known that Zoro had near superhuman speed, even matching Sanji prior to the timeskip. I believe Sanji's use of "wait-up" is simply hiim calling for Zoro to not run off recklessly and become lost, not an illustration of who is faster. Additionally, I still believe we will wind up with this Battle Royale becoming a 5-vs-5. Oda didn't set up this tournament and announce the participation of the Doflamingo Family withou intending to have a massive faceoff. Whether Luffy winds up with the DF or not is of course tens of chapters down the road, but either way no one in the crew will be eating it. The most I'm willing to concede is if Zoro gains a fire sword, and even that is pushing it for me.