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    Awesome chapter. If only Oda hadn't become ill, we would be one chapter ahead.....

    I'm a bit surprised (alright, not that surprised) that Oda is splitting the crew up so much this arc. Luffy's entering the Battle Royale alone, Franky likely has other plans than simply watching, Zoro--well, who the hell knows where he'll end up at--and Sanji's new found "love" is dragging him to an entirely different city to kill a mysterious man. Definitely intriguing. I'm just curious to if each of these crew members have been strategically split up by Doflamingo, using various underlings to manipulate each crew members weakness or recklessness.

    One Legged Soldier as the "fairy"?
    Violet for next crew member?
    Pandaman, page 18, third panel.
    Contestants/gladiators in the Corrida Colosseum former Level Six prisoners?
    Kinemon reprimanding/swooning over the seductive women throughout the city?--Good riddance.
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