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    Senior Member Blackriot69's Avatar
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    Apr 2010
    Awesome chapter. If only Oda hadn't become ill, we would be one chapter ahead.....

    I'm a bit surprised (alright, not that surprised) that Oda is splitting the crew up so much this arc. Luffy's entering the Battle Royale alone, Franky likely has other plans than simply watching, Zoro--well, who the hell knows where he'll end up at--and Sanji's new found "love" is dragging him to an entirely different city to kill a mysterious man. Definitely intriguing. I'm just curious to if each of these crew members have been strategically split up by Doflamingo, using various underlings to manipulate each crew members weakness or recklessness.

    One Legged Soldier as the "fairy"?
    Violet for next crew member?
    Pandaman, page 18, third panel.
    Contestants/gladiators in the Corrida Colosseum former Level Six prisoners?
    Kinemon reprimanding/swooning over the seductive women throughout the city?--Good riddance.
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    I like the idea that one of Zoro's swords will 'eat' the fruit somehow via Franky's help. He always wanted that fire sword...

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    Yonkou Hart_lerouxx's Avatar
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    Sanji is d smartest of SH, just wonder what will happen. But love is blind. Violet might really fall in love with him.
    Luffy will win, but we'll see some new technique since prisoner lv 6 may attend and diamante quite a tough guy.

    Imo, some devil fruits need requirements. Mental strength, physical are correlated to d devil fruit requirement.
    I don't thik nami can handle that fruit. Her body will broke, in d other hand sanji would definitely fill that requirement.

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    Strawhat Galkie's Avatar
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    Jul 2011
    With Luffy so worked up and laughing about the one Legged soldier, I was surprised he didnt invited him to the crew lol.
    But things are getting interesting, an tournament.. Well Im going along with the idea that Lucy will win and that he gives the devil fruit to one of the other strawhats.

    Franky declined so Sanji or one of Zoro's swords seems to be the best option (Maybe Zoro gives his Shusui Katana to Kinemon because its from Wano and franky makes a new sword with the Devil Fruit in it)

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    Senior Member cross777's Avatar
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    Well, i am still all for sanji getting the mera mera, i think he would be fine with it, and i mean i do not see how it would degrade his training, all it would do is give him a raw power upgrade to add to all the stuff he learned, not over shadow it.

    But i was also thinking that coby could end up with it. but i think luffy could just give it to him. I think luffy would trust him enough to give it to him.

    also, When reading that pannel with rob talking about the DF and one line stuck out to me. We know that BB is special and that is why he can have more than one DF but rob said it him self. think of the negative effects that one have on your body, imagine what 2 would do to you. i am wondering if black beard could have some nasty side effects from all these DF's
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    Hee Hee Hee XD aggeroff's Avatar
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    Its a shame really, Sanji will probably never get married even after the series ends, mostly because pirates don't seem to get married that much. The only pirates it this series that we have seen to have married are Gold Roger and Yasoop, and both of them left their wives (You can count Dragon as well if you want). Whitebeard probably would have had a wife if he could, but I'm guessing based on his actions of making his crew is family that he was unable to have biological children. Plus I don't even know if Sanji wants to have a wife, perhaps he prefers being free to goggle at any woman he meets and not be tied down with a single woman.
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    Senior Member Blackriot69's Avatar
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    Apr 2010
    There is an easy explanation as to why Sanji will NEVER eat the Mera Mera: MERMAIDS.

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    Senior Member Yoru's Avatar
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    Mar 2008
    I like the hypothesis someone advanced, about the blind man stealing the fruit and giving it to the marines so garp could give it to Coby. The little guy needs some boost in power if he wants to be an admiral and fight Luffy someday.

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    Senior Member Shock's Avatar
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    Honolulu, HI
    Well since Brook is the closest thing to an ice user they have I would kinda think Zoro would have it, since hes Luffy's 1st captain pretty much (1st one joined the SH's with Luffy) plus all the foreshadowing with Kinemon and how to cut flames etc.. I would be nice to see if he could feed it to a sword but I think he wants to collect the worlds best swords as they are instead of feeding it to one of his that he has now, unless someone makes him one like usopp. He wasn't exactly a swimmer to begin with if I remember. Sanji could run through the water and above it but Zoro just cut things from where ever he was instead of getting in the water.

    But in all honesty I don't want any of them to have it, I like the crew as is :( The only one I think would be good with a fruit would be Ussop and only if it was some kind of tool or building type fuit paramecia, something like baby 5's weapon fruit but more geared to engineering
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    H+ xioaxioa's Avatar
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    Shock, you brought to light something I missed this chapter. Thank You. But first I should point out that it was already shown that Zoro was faster than a fishman(Hodi) while under water. Which brings me to the thing I missed this chapter. It appears that Zoro is faster than Sanji seeing that Sanji was asking for Zoro to "wait up".

    As for Who gets the mera mera no mi... If Luffy equals Law and Law was only a candidate for the heart seat which Diamante is already in the diamond seat then Diamante is greater than or equal to Law. Therefor Diamante is greater than or equal to Luffy. Meaning, if Luffy doesn't go all out and use his powers, then he will lose. So right now, I'm not too concerned who will eat it, I am more concerned if Luffy will even get it. Even still, Sanji? Never mind, it's probably a joke I don't get.

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