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I really liked this chapter. As it turns out, Madara was a victim of prejudice but also his genetics. Without the sharingan, he would have been much better person. Although one can argue about about just what exactly does the sharingan do to make people "evil". I mean, Itachi boosted his sharingan up to Mangekyo and yet he was above his hatred.

Why wasnt Madara ? Was it Madaras cocky and self-centered attitude that the sharingan "exploited" and turned him evil ? Or maybe there is a way of controling the hatred, through some sort of willpower or meditation techniques ? I would really like if Kishi atleast touched on this subject and tell us maybe how Itachi battled his hatred.
The seminal event in Madara's life was the loss of his little brother. If Uchiha Itachi had similarly lost Sasuke, who knows how he might have reacted. As it were, he got his eye boost from the loss of Shisui.

Never-the-less, I don't think an Uchiha is doomed to hatred and evil, he or she can overcome it, as we saw Madara was so very close to overcoming his hatred and may have even done so if he hadn't beem rejected by 1) The Village, 2) The Uchiha clan.

The rejection by the clan and the village themselves should not be taken lightly. Those two rejections probably further activated the Sharingan Chakra in his brain. In a sense Death = Loss = Rejection =lost love or loved one.

Ironically, the Wiping Out of the Uchiha clan predicted by Madara was performed by Madara's Stand-In...Tobi. I am still perplexed as to why Tobi chose to Kill the Uchihas, he had no grudge against them like he lied to Sasuke. Did Madara command him to do so? Or was he just insane and over the edge with his World of Gengutsu Cure for everything, that he rationalised that killing them was Okay? I think that Kishi may have reall wanted to Make Tobi = Madara, hence some of the thiogs he said.

back to the present, Hashirama wanted to rid Sasuke of his anger and evil intent, so perhaps Sasuke is not too far gone. As we can see, the truth is that the village of Konoha is not dominated by Senjus, and there is no Senju vs Uchiha dogma/grudge. Tobirama did not trust the Uchiha and h ended up making matters worse, but in the End, Tobi is as much responsible for their deaths as Danzo or Hiruzen (both non Senjus) were.

@ Zero, The "Rumor" that Senjus were all about Love while the Uchiha were all about Jutsu, was Propagated and Reinforced by Tobi, who is an Uchiha. Hence it is simply not a Senju device to stain the Uchiha name.

Also, even if Hiruzen's mother was a Senju, his clan was still Sarutobi. I would not be surprised if some senju, akamichi, or hiruzen wives were Uchiha. Konoha seems to be a place where clans could freely mix. I think this was part of the reason for the Village being formed.