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^Thousand sunny will eat the mera mera nomi. Now it will freaking breath fire.
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But then it can't sail on the sea anymore.....I saw what you did there^....way to make a crazy theory lol.
Already covered. Step your crazy theory game up :-P
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And here's how you do a crazy theory if you've given up on life and all who inhabit it:
THE THOUSAND SUNNY IS TOTALLY GONNA EAT THE FIRE DEVIL FRUIT!!!!! The future PK sails around on a ship made of FIYAH, SON!
It seems totally-not-Fujitora must know that this is Luffy. How he could possibly know I can't tell, but I'm pretty sure he doesn't just go around assuming everyone is a pirate who shouldn't exchange family names (sorry, slipped into a little Naruto there...). So why would he think this random guy is a pirate, unless he knows that it is THE pirate! (Or, perhaps he assumes its Strawhat based on his butting in to business that did not relate to him?)

I thought that no-for-real-I'm-not-this-Fujitora-fellow guy would end up not confronting Luffy because he wouldn't be able to "see" the corrupt/rotten "presence" common of many other pirates (a la Boa not being able to turn Luffy to stone because he didn't lust after her), so he would never know that was Luffy. Now I don't think he will confront the Strawhats because he has found more important business to take care of in Dressrosa. I'm sure even Akainu could be happy knowing that I've-never-even-heard-of-a-Fuji'd-Torah settled a bigger matter/fish for the government.

Also, glad they separated, less all of them forget that they are supposed to be destroying a factory and rescuing a samurai. Zoro, Sanji, and Kinemon shall do this. Luffy and Franky shall handle the arena and Ace's fruit.