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I think that the answer we are searching for is that Obito was influenced by the Zetsu that bonded to him, by the trauma of seeing Rin die, and by the awakening of his MS. The dergree and extend of imballance in him would then vary up and down over time.

To my mind there was no need for him to Kill the Uchihas ( he had no grudge against them as he claimed to Sasuke, the grudge was Madara's and not his). He also had no reason to tell Konan whom he was killing (without witnesses), that he was Madara, and he had no call to say that he had waited very long for the moment when he released the fox from Kushina, that would be Madara's line, not Obito's.

Just as scholars sit down and discuss literary masterpieces, I think it's legitimate to discus the issues in Naruto too. I would like to see Kishimoto to expressly say in the Manga something to the effect that Obito was influenced by and sometimes, but not always, somewhat confused into a personality or Identity disconnected state, by the mental stresses he experienced, magnified by the Memories of the Zetsu he absorbed and the "Evil" Chakra of his MS. I think that such a statement would do much for the legacy of this great work of literary genius.
Rather than Zetsu, the rods itself might have been influencing him. Still, we don't know what the implication of the black rods coming out out of his right-hashirama side at the time of the rampage meant. Did it mean that Madara's will and influence over Obito grew, since the rods grew as well ? Or did it mean that Obito's MS-level mental energies have pushed out the black rods (thus Madara's will) outside of his body, severing/nulling any influence Madara had on him ? What's more, after the rampage, when Obito had decided to help Madara, were the rods completely pushed out, or did they return to his body ?

We need to remember that Nagato himself was strongly influence by Madara's will, simply looking at the sheer amount of black rods attached to his body. This is why Tobi himself needed to check what caused a change in Nagato, who was so strongly influenced.

It was suggest a few times, that Naruto's Uzumaki-like Life Energy (or whatever he has) is what makes people want to talk to him and spew their guts out. It is likely that by sending/emanating those energies, he decreased the influence that Madara's will/black rods had on Nagato. It is quite likely that Hashirama himself was influencing Madara each time they were close to each other, which is also hinted in the recent flashbacks. This would as well explain what Tobi meant by saying that he sees Hashirama in Naruto, in accordance to changing Nagato's mind.