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Something Just isn't adding up Famous. The Uchihas of that era just didn't seem to spam MS techs the way that Itachi did, Maybe it just means that Itachi and Sasuke were by far superior to any other Uchiha in History with the exception of the Elder Son of the SO6P. I Would Expect that When in a Major battle Madara and Izuna Would both be Spamming Suzanoo and Amaterasu the way that Sasuke did against Danzo, and the only reason for them not doing so would be that they Could Not do so.

Also We haven't seen Madara use Amaterasu, Ever! I'm not really sure what that implies.

Lastly, I'd like someone to chime in on my previous excerpt from the databook on Izuna. Was Madara in fact going blind when he received Izuna's eyes or not, did Izuna in fact die in battle, or not? At this point I am almost ready to just dismiss everything from the databooks as plain hype, unless re-affirmed in the Manga.

Paul Madara was the first person to ever unlock the MS so besides his brother there probably where no others. Also the fact that using the MS has damaging side effects is probably why Madara doesn't spam it cause he knows it weakens him. It's reserve move only in the most desperate situation.

The fact their vision was getting worse from using wasn't a point lost on them hence why they where not able to spam it. You can only spam the EMS because there is no backlash pain and blurry vision from using it.

Madara not using Amatersu is for the same reason he doesnt spam Shinra tensei STLYE. Kishi likes each hcarter to have their own unique fighting style which is like their trade mark. Sasuke is the one who will be using Amaterasu heavily so he doesn't want Madara to steal his thunder in that regard. Its the same reason Sasuke doesn't use shadow clones because that's Naruto's style.

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Paul, the data book is still almost on point.

The "eventually dies in battle" is the only thing that makes it a bit confusing.

Like what I've said before (and someone else too), dying after receiving some mortal wounds can be called dying in battle since Kishi set them in a period of war.

I guess it would be more clear had the words been written differently.

Keep in mind it was Obito telling the story not Madara so the so called facts where not first person but a hand me down story.

This chapter in fact makes more sense cause if Izuna was perfectly healthy why didn't he take Madara's eyes. It make sense that he was dying so he left Madara his eyes to protect the clan as both their vision was getting weaker.