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    D. Gray-Man 189 - FULL COLOR

    Sooooo, basically, I have TOO much time on my hands... too much... ugh...

    Anyway! I took the time to color the entire 189th chapter of DGM this last month. It's not fancy, or proffesional, in fact, there are a lot of inconsistancies, and you'll find I was lazy on some things... But that doesn't mean I didn't take the time to do a halfway decent job. I'm quite proud of the outcome. And even tho I did this entirely for myself, I'm not selfish. So I'm sharing them with all you DGM falls out there. I hope you enjoy the hard work I did. I'm going to be starting on chapter 190 soon. My goal was to finish this and have it all out before the new chapter came out, but I failed by a few days. Oh well, it can still be enjoyed I think. Anyway, have fun seeing DGM in color. Maybe it'll fill in the void of the anime a tiny bit.

    And if you don't want to download it, you can see it on my Deviantart Account.

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    Wow, thx.

    I read was very good.

    D.Gray-man is the BEST!!!

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