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Yes but each time we had seen Ichigo's hollow, it had gotten stronger and it's form had changed. But also notice that Ichigo's hollow also always had hands. This hollow seems to be a pure hollow without any human "traits"(swords instead of hands) but only human in stature leading me to believe this is the first true "pure" VL we have seen yet in the series. Ichigo's inner hollow had human traits probably because of the connection it shared to Ichigo's shinigami power which made it more of a "natural" arrancar in my opinion.
Technically, that thing is a Hollowified Hollow, which might actually mean that it is already something beyond VL, but not yet an Arrancar (though it might have been originally an Adjuchas before Aizen's tempering, so calling it VL might be wrong, seeing as it gained partial Shinigami traits thanks to incomplete Hollowification). It is one of the incomplete Arrancars, that Ishin mentioned to have met/knew about in the past, while comparing it with a completed Arrancar Grand Fisher.

IIRC correctly, an Adjuchas class Arrancar is already far stronger than a VL. Of course it is weaker than an VL class Arrancar.

Basically, while Fullbringers were infected by Hollows (Vizard's boundary was simply broken), Ichigo have likely been infected by this Hollowified Hollow - Incomplete Arrancar, which means that this hollow already had traits of both, Shinigami and Hollow. It explains why Ichigo was the only one that could use a Hollow Mask in Bankai and as well why his complete hollow, H2Ichigo, is not only compatible, but capable of even better utilizing a Zanpakutou, than it's original owner.

The instability of the hollow-arrancar that infected Ichigo, was quite likely the reason why Ichigo could revert back from complete Hollow with a Zanpakutou, to his previous state, a Shinigami with Hollow powers. It is instable, thus it could stand one foot at Shinigami or Hollow side, while the other one remaining on the line.

Of course there is still FGT, that incorporates every mastered power of Ichigo (you can notice it was incomplete at the fight against Aizen, because there were still some powers that Ichigo haven't touched upon), that actually allows to fully and perhaps perfectly utilize all of which made is Ichigo.