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^ As one other guy mentioned, perhaps the Vasto Lorde escapes this confrontation and comes back later when Masaki is pregnant.
Thanks Aggeroff, That would work (sorry I missed the comment).

It is no wonder now that Ichigo's Hollow powers are so great. He was Fullbringed by a VL, meaning that his hollow side was influenced by the most powerful type of Hollow.

And I recall an earlier Chapter where Aizen was talking about gathering/searching for the Vasto Lorde. Naturally then I'd be interested in Isshin himself, just how powerful is he (potentially) as a Shinigami, and Masaki as a Quincy too.

Pretty cool if Ichigo gets his powers from the Highest Echelons of Hollow, Shinigami, and Quincies. Would be interesting if Masaki is related to Juha Bach, and if the Shiba Clan are distantly related to the Soul King.

No wonder then that Aizen and the Soul King himself were/are so interested in Ichigo all along.