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    Bleach chapter 530 Discussion / 531 Predictions

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    Bloody brilliant, a freaking Vasto lorde in the midle of Karakura...

    Overall a good chap, Ryu was a much "brighter" person in the past, guess he was changed by Masaki's death?

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    So masaki was meant to mary ishida ryuken by arrangement.... and that katagiri maid is probably ishida's mother.... who ryuken fell for....her hair is black and her face kinda reminds me of uuryu

    And this hollow is surely a vasto lorde to have vested isshin... and attacked masaki... so that is why ichigo has a hollow side imo... it only validates what ginjou said before they're mothers were attacked by hollows before they were born and that hollow residue remained within their mother and was passed down to him when masaki got pregnant whilst he was in her womb.... this explains the similarity of ichigo's hollow form that killed ulquiorra, its masks and the long mullet hair and the blade like hands looks like ichigo's current bankai blade that was broken too... it really connects the dots as to what ichigo is... this hollow is too similar to ichigo's hollow final form to be just a coincidence....

    If it really is a vasto lorde... it meant that masaki was strong... and it'll prove the point about what kubo mentioned before that "isshin and ichigo taught it was grand fisher who killed masaki, this may not be true, THE TRUTH WILL BE REVEALED"

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    WTF! I literally screamed like a little girl in my head when Ichigo's hollow showed up there at the end. I am totally agreeing with my2kb22 here. It makes too much sense. For all of Kubo's trolling, he seems to be hitting shit outta the park lately.

    Also, its scary how accurate so many predictions were on the relationship between Ryuken, Isshin and Masaki. I wonder if that is why Ryuken doesn't like Uruyu being a Quincy so much, like he always says he has no talent. What if it all goes back to him not being a pureblood because he never did the deed with Masaki?

    aaaand no bleach next week.

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    @SquadZero Good point about Ryuuken's attitude towards Uryuu.

    I think Ryuuken's current attitude towards Uryuu is partially imposed by his mother's elitist attitude towards him when he was growing up. It's only natural that Ryuuken defied his mother and married a non-quincy (in this case, the maid), only to regret it later on when Masaki dies. I can totally see Ryuuken pulling a Kakashi later for not protecting Masaki because he went with his heart and broke his mother's 'rules'. Not to mention that the person he let go fell in love with a then-enemy, Shinigami - all because he felt that the heart should choose who it belongs to.

    On another note though, I'm curious to see how the hollow elements get implemented into the story. Ginjou did mention it briefly but I always thought it was just too brief of a thing to explain, I hope that this arc explains the mother-hollow-fullbringer relationship.

    Definitely one of the better Bleach chapters of late.

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    Hichigo... now I have to wonder if perhaps the moment that Misaki jumped to protect Ichigo from Grandfisher's attack, Hichigo took over Ichigo for a second and mortally wounded her... you know, since he beside that moment never faced a hollow (only later on with Rukia) it's possible that it could have sparked the hollow in him.

    For this to be a Vasto Lord, it would have been strange seeing as Aizen was trying out Hollowfication/Shinigamition process at that time, so this might be half Shinigami anyway.

    I wonder how would Ishin react to Ichigo's H2 form.

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    Another nice chapter

    -Ryuken originally to marry masaki
    -Maid could be ishida's mom
    -Isshin faces a vasto lorde(kind of)
    -Could prove the connection ichigo's hollow(considering the clear similarities with this hollow)
    -Overall very very good chapter for me

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    Well, about the "Vasto Lorde", It is a Certainty that Masaki hasn't met Isshin yet, and she's probably not presently Pregnant. If Hichigo and Fullbring powers were derived from this particular Hollow, it would have to be that the Hollow comes back again later, when Isshin and Masaki had had a chance to get acquainted.

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    Ok much of the back story was predictable but the Vasto Lord/Hollowfication thing at the end obviously reminiscent of Ichigo's transformation.

    It kinda looks like Tier Harribe

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    My jaw dropped when I saw the Vasto Lord, and it went another few inches when I saw it looked like Ichigo as a hollow, this is just an amazing twist. Now it comes out in the rain, but I don't think I've ever seen Ichigo go hollow during the rain, I wonder if anything would happen if he did.
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