Got a question for the forum: Dexter Morgan Versus Sherlock Holmes(Cumberbatch)

Me and my brother were debating this topic and I was wondering, who would win if Sherlock as put on the case to find a rampant serial killer in Miami? Would Dexter be able to out maneuver Sherlock and be able to put him on his table? Or will Sherlock be able to not only catch him in the act but be able to put Dexter away?

I contend that Sherlock would win, and here is why I think he would win.

My thinking would be that Sherlock would be brought into Miami Metro to find a serial killer and immediately realize that Dexter isn't normal, and is probably the killer he was brought in to find. Dexter would also realize that Sherlock has him tagged and Dexter would make efforts to keep under surveillance in his own special way. Sherlock would undeniably break into his apartment and find all the evidence that he need to put Dexter away. Dexter would realize that Sherlock as there and make an effort to kill him as quickly as he can. Dexter would sneak into Sherlock home/apartment/hotel room and give an injection and knock him out. Dexter would have him on his table, and proceed to begin his ritual, stating that while he approves of what Sherlock does and how he does it, he cannot allow Sherlock to interfere with his work. Sherlock would go into his analysis of Dexter, bring up his step father, his brother he killed, his sister who helps him, his former wife who was killer at the hands of a rival killer, etc. Dexter would agree and compliment him on what he was able to find out with little to no effort. As he is able to kill him, Watson would break into the kill room and try and shot Dexter to kill him, only to have his shot graze Dexter because of Debra interference. Dexter would flee, Watson would apprehend Debra and she would be arrested. Dexter would make one final attempt on Sherlock, only to have it backfire and be caught by Sherlock and Watson.

Thats what I got, but I am curious to see what other people would say.