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From what I understand, Law was the heart (hence the heart-pirates).
Could be there is another one now though, it's been a few years after all?
Yes he resembles him, but the dude isn't Kizaru. (pratesh)
I agree however with his ability being somehow gravity-related.
1 thing's for sure, he's pretty bad-ass. Let's just hope he isn't Fujitora.
I never said he was kizaru, i said kizaru could have been the one to blind him. he same way he did hawkins but permanently.
I guess he could be Fujitora. he did talk like he could be a marine and with high enough observation haki, who needs to see anyway.

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loved the chapter! Nice DF potentially, I wonder if it is a gravity DF, been wondering when would come about since it would be such a rediculous power if you mastered it! But then it also looked like when he opened his sword the gravity thing happened, so maybe its a power of his sword or he fed the sword a DF like the elephant sword, either way very very cool, Im sure Zoro will be very interested.l
love the idea of a DF sword, that would be awesome! especially if zoro ended up with it.