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the only thing I find wierd is that Matsumoto was VC to Isshin, but during the earlier parts of the series she and the gang would hang out in Ichigo's room and act like it was nothing. No one would bat so much as an eyelid towards Isshin. You'd think Matsumoto and Toshiro would at least say something to him (Isshin). Anyway, I liked the chapter, but I'm all screwed up on the timeline.
Now that you mentioned it... it occurs to me that gotei13 already knew about isshin after ichigo invaded SS to rescue rukia... they might have banished isshin before for some crime he commit or did not commit and strip away his powers like they intended to do to urahara and co...and further more as the head of the shiba clan.... removed its name from the 4 great nobles leading to what kukkaku and ganju is now... in the outskirts of SS