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    Well, predictable, but still very pleasing to see .

    Actually, I remember that someone pointed that Ishin was in fact a Shinigami at the time of TBTP arc, but he was standing in the corner (only his eyes and hair could be seen IIRC) in one page, it was this:

    Good chapter . So, Ichigo really is NOT a shinigami, not even partially ? So even Ginjou was more of a Shinigami than Ichigo .


    So, should we consider Ichigo as a Quincy with a bit of Shinigami/Hollow/Fullbring powers ? If that's the case then his untapped Quincy potential must be far, far superior to his other power. No wonder that Bach wanted to reeducated him in Quincy ways.

    BTW, if someone was still wondering about/doubting it (I found it somewhere on the net):
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