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    where there is food

    Naruto 623 Discussion / 624 Predictions

    Aggravate, Anger, and Piss off

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    That dad's die fighting or the sons convince them to stop...

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    That was a super short chapter.. I do however like this flashback though, and seeing Izuna and Madara's father is nice. Next chapter will probably be their fight or something along those lines. Perhaps their father's are both killed or something, leaving a grudge between Senju and Uchiha once again.

    Edit: Aaah, break next week? That sucks.. I'm tempted to leave Naruto alone for a few month. To be able to read a bunch of chapters at once

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    Good chapter. You can really see how they became close friends. I spent ages looking at the page when they threw the rocks at each other thinking do the two of them have a Naruto and Sasuke connection where only physical attacks sum up their thoughts and motives, only to turn the page and see they had written on the rocks.
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    The virginity is strong in this one.

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    First of all, while fairly straightforward, Kishi's symbolism has been excellent lately! The Wall-climbing challenge, the rock-skipping, the river, it's all really driving home the relationship between Madara/Hashirama.

    These are probably my favorite flashbacks in the series... really a highlight of the entire War arc. There is so much emotion and characterization packed into each panel, and young Madara/Hashirama are very fun to watch! I'm glad Kishi is putting in so much effort to make us as readers feel more intimately tied to these flashbacks.

    I never expected we'd get action scenes in these flashbacks, but this is quite interesting! Finally seeing Izuna is big, and I've liked Tobirama so far in the flashbacks. He's a nice compliment to Madara/Hashirama: not as valiant, but strong-willed and discerning.

    I have a strong feeling Madara/Hashirama will end this fight, and betray their fathers and save their brothers.

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    I think the warning messages on the rocks was very good story telling.

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    Pretty much confirms that madara turned due to the loss of his brother. He probably wants to fight the system much like ichigo did when he first entered SS and the irony of it is that the loss of his brother was due to the shinobi system of power that he was trying to fight.

    Tobirama a sensor type? I'm getting more and more interested in him by the week...creator of the edo tensei, space time jutsu...something is definitely up with him

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    Another exciting chapter!

    - So it further cements the plans they both shared and how Madara wanted to protect Izuna

    - The village came to being but Izuna had already died thus the purpose of it seemed lost to Madara

    - I felt things where leading up to this and so it is....

    - Madara's father Tajima & Hashrima's Butsuma may end up killing each other.

    - It will be interesting to see Tobirama & Izuna fight. They too much have been natural rivals and equals on the battlefield.

    These era flashback are probably the best in the series!

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    By far one of the better Naruto chapters of late (last 50~). I've waited 620 chapters to finally see what happened between the founders and I'm not getting disappointed. I've said this before, but the death of Izuna must've hit Madara HARD. SUPER HARD. To change him from being this idealistic and ambitious person to someone who see's no point in the current Naruto world.

    I'd rather read this than the war tbh.

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    Damn shame there'll be a break next week but at least what we got this week was good. my fave. part of the chapter was seeing Madara reject Hashirama's his ideas for the ninja village to be which all happened to be things we know have been implemented all the way to the present. Maybe it's just me but in some panels young Madara looked like Naruto and in other panels he looked a lot like Sasuke, while young Hashirama looked a lot like Lee/Gai but without funny looking eyes or eyebrows.

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