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    Quote Originally Posted by xioaxioa View Post
    Enel? The biggest egomaniac in any manga ever? You guys are funny. If you paid any attention at all to the info we get outside the manga, you would know that the mystery shichibukai is the one who cut off Zephyr's arm. He cut of Z's arm after pleading for his life and became a shichibukai during the the time-skip.
    Sadly he is right guys, Enel is in no possible way the missing Shichibukai, after all, he's much too young to have been the one who cut off Z's arm. The Shichibukai was a level 6 prisoner who escaped when Blackbeard set level 6 free.

    However, that doesn't mean the Enel won't be the one who replaced Dofla as the next Shichibukai. That is quite possible.

    Speaking of Level 6, we have yet to actually meet an escaped Level 6 prisoner. I'm looking forward to when that happens, and I do hope the new shichibukai won't be the first level 6 we meet.
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