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That's how you do your 700th chapter. The info overflow is just amazing.
Couldn't agree more; an absolutely extrodinary chapter. It would appear that the Dressrosa/Doflamingo arc begins here!

So much infomation idk where to start....

--Hahaaha suckers....told you Bonney was still around and in hiding. Might be that seeing the recent Supernova alliances she is considering joining one
--Great to see Marine HQ and have the (6 of 7) current Warlords addressed (with official epithets). Not only them but we see some high ranked officials discussing the seriousness of the SH/Heart alliance , see Akainu post time skip AND are given a new Admiral, in name at least. I swear if this new arc doesn't create new bounty posters and bounties for the SH I'm gonna......
--Crocodile certainly seems to have created a large crew. Wonder how interesting they are....
--Anyone believe the girl in the top right panel could be Kalifa?: http://mangastream.com/read/one_piece/95354584/5
--It would appear Doflamingo's crew grows all the more curiouser each chapter. Now that Doflamingo lost his Ace of the Heart Throne, I want to see how these other guys perform.
--As much as I believe Luffy will go crazy over trying to capture Ace's DF, I am predicting that when it comes down to Doflamingo presenting Luffy break his and Law's alliance for the fruit, Luffy will wind up sacrificing his desire and preserving his friendship with Law.
--Funniest part of the chapter was Law momentarily slipping into the SH's pace and then going deadpan over himself! Lmao!
--I have no doubt that Luffy/Law and Kid/Apoo/Hawkin's alliances are both aiming for Kaido. Those 30% odds Law gave are likely to improve.

Here's to the chaos of next week's chapter!!!