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    Wow flashback month for Bleach and Naruto.

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    Last time I posted here I mocked the crappy German language the Quincies use. But this time, I really feel like it. It's flashback-time! If they start to do the same at One Piece (at Naruto, they are already at it), it's gonna be me who will skip reading a few chapters in order to read it altogether. Anyway...

    Quote Originally Posted by veLocity- View Post
    Not particularly surprised tbh, saw that coming a mile away.

    Does this make Ryuuken a cousin of Masaki? Distant relative? An ex-boyfriend? An old childhood friend?

    This does kinda give us some clue to why Isshin left SS, probably during those times it became taboo to associate yourself with a quincy or even attempt to marry one or fall in love with one.

    Then again, how long does a Quincy usually live for? Bach seems to be alive for a long time and Masaki does seem she was alive when Isshin was young, which makes that >200 years ago?

    Quote Originally Posted by StareIntoMySharingan View Post
    Man, does this guy know how to waste panels. All he did was confirm the obvious, what a waste. The plot development is so slow, so frequently, that I find myself annoyed by it.

    Masaki looks like she was quite the skilled quincy to defeat the enemy that took care of Ichigo's father, which happened to be a captain.

    I can't believe Unohana is dead without owning some quincy folks.

    I enjoy Bleach, I just wished this guy knew how to advance the story more smoothly, considering that he has tons of fans that read it on a weekly basis, rather than by volume. If he knew how to progress the stpry more efficiently, I wouldn't feel so jibbed on a weekly basis, sometimes for weeks at a time.

    I guess I feel slightly better now that I vented. Looking forward to more of the flashback!!
    Kubo isn't the great story-teller (as Oda or Kishi), so it may be as simple as that: Isshin fell in love with a Quincy, so he had to leave Soul Society, although he was (or became) strong enough to keep Aizen at bay. Isshin was banned, so he never entered Soul Society (I just can't write "SS", I am just too German to do that) again. When he fights as a Shinigami, it's usually somewhere else.

    The son of this marriage was kept under surveillance by both Quincy and Soul Society, but only few people knew. Ishida's father might be one. Isshin watched his wife die, so maybe he began serious training and became a beast. Remember: When he fought Aizen, he never used his Bankai, so theoretically, there is still potential. Or it's the other way around: It was a Shinigami who was ordered to kill his wife, since Quincies and Shinigami are obviously at war, and all we saw was just a truce. And Isshin only stepped in when the human world or his son were in danger.

    I really hope it's not as simple as that. I do enjoy Bleach, but I don't know really why. Neither the fights are extraordinarilly great, nor is the story. Maybe it's just Kempachi, I really like watching him develop.

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    where there is food
    Every time Ichigo gets sad he gets beat it, I guess no one can stand his sad face.
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    Well, I enjoyed this chapter. Especially Ichigo's face. Btw is his badge not working anymore? It has become visible.
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    Waiting for MS translation...... MP translation says ichigo isn't a shinigami....... its probably he isn't only a shinigami...... and not a normal human either..... coz it would not make sense how he got shikai and bankai and shihakshou and has a zanpaktou spirit........ and his father is a pure shinigami......

    Quote Originally Posted by Sirxxx View Post

    I dunno. Me likey'd. Ichigo's mother obviously had some skill. Which makes it all the more strange that she got done in by that dumb-ass angler fisher hollow thing that Ichigo slaughtered 8000 years ago. When he was still wielding Chunky Zangetsu, no less!
    In a spoiler...... kubo said that it was not grandfisher who killed masaki but someone else that was around the area... grand fisher only took the spoils....... so it would make more sense if he intends to follow what he says to which he usually does

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    1,605's time Ichigo learnd about his quincy mother. Who knows how would ishida react knowing ichigi is (maybe) related to quincies..maybe even to himself, somehow

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    Basically what I confirmed from this chapter is Gigai x Gigai = Human boy with a human's lifespan as well as the powers of his parents.

    Either that or they age A LOT faster in the human world.

    I wonder if Ryuuken's in a gigai too.

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    Scanlator POW's Avatar
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    - Well conformation that Ichigo's dad was a Captain

    So somehow knowing about himself and his feelings (Falls of Truth -Naruto) are important to his fixing his Zanpaktou and devloping further.

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    Also don't forget this was all part of Aizen's plan them meeting lol.

    Fire type

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    Quite interesting fact: The Kurosaki name comes from Masaki, not Isshin.

    So now it makes sense that SS did not recognise Ichigo by his last name all along.

    Also @POW,

    The Aizen connection is not trivial. We may find out more about him too.

    I also found it significant that the Badge was shown. It probably means that Ichigo does not need the thing anymore. I bet Ichigo could fullbring anytime he wants, without the badge. Things could get real interesting.....Don't dissapoint now Kubo, so far you're doing a great Job, I'm loving it.

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