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    ^ add Moria there...

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    Yeah, i did have a theory about that, and i do think that he will show up if not be a part of laws crew.
    Quote Originally Posted by arisart View Post
    Lol, I bet you argue too much with cross. It's not really healthy you know.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mister Death View Post
    Hey stick to the topic, quit asking nonsense question about other series or if cross777 is thunder luffy which by the way have different IP addresses.... Next person that goes off topic will be infracted...

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    Quote Originally Posted by xioaxioa View Post
    It's nice to see Kin'emon, who out matched Brook, is no match for a swordless Zoro.
    to be fair brook wasnt fighting serious

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    Quote Originally Posted by icedout921 View Post
    to be fair brook wasnt fighting serious
    To also be fair Kin'emon was missing half his body. I think Kin'emon's handicap was bigger.
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    Quote Originally Posted by aggeroff View Post
    To also be fair Kin'emon was missing half his body. I think Kin'emon's handicap was bigger.
    To also be fair Brook has an even greater than that..he is dead ..yohohohoho

    I saw an opening and I couldn't help myself

    A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aggeroff View Post
    To also be fair Kin'emon was missing half his body. I think Kin'emon's handicap was bigger.
    Which worked in his favor since brook was frightened lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by guy View Post
    To also be fair Brook has an even greater than that..he is dead ..yohohohoho
    I'm sorry sir, but you forgot to drop the mic. Please return to the stage and do so now :-)


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    Caution: dangerous spoiler


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    ^ If these are really spoilers, then there's no need to have them here. Should put them in some form in the Spoilers section.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hart_lerouxx View Post
    ^agreed, that's why world would turn into chaos.
    Here comes Triple Threat Doom Match
    Marine Vs Kaidou Vs The League

    here's d scenario:
    1-Smoker would inform Akainu then dispatch d admirals to haunt down DD
    2-Kaidou's elite crews land in Dressrosa to get monthly SAD as routine and found out DD no longer can produce SAD
    3-DD and Crew fighting Kaidou's elite crews and pawned them.
    4-Kaidou found out DD slaughtered his crew and lead his army himself
    5-Admirals reach Dressrosa and start fighting DD and The League that already set foot in there before they came
    6-Kaidou enter d Triple Threat Doom Match and got DD ass.
    7-Admirals fighting Kaidou and The League
    8-Kaidou losing and withdraw, meanwhile they meet Law+SH in their way back
    9-Law+SH over-match Kaidou+crew.
    10- Here comes new bounty posters!!

    that's why d probability Law's plan to be succeed is only 30%...but who knows
    imo, Law must think that Even Kaidou himself would have definitely outmatch by 2 or 3 Admirals.
    and it much easier to kill him when heavily wounded right?
    Either way sounds like a really long time till new bounty posters.

    Quote Originally Posted by cross777 View Post
    Well, I loved the chapter, flamingo wow. so many places oda could take this, love it. For one i want to see a war lord meeting soon, they should be having one to choose a new war lord. also i want to see who the new admirals are. I hope for some nice surprises with both. Also, I am very curious to find out about laws crew and where they are? Hopefully we see them soon.
    Agreed, actually, seems well overdue for a Shichibukai meeting. Have a feeling nowadays Akainu has a bit more strictness in that maybe at least a representative of each Shichibukai will have to attend every meeting so if they're in shadows or whatever we'll still get some indications maybe on who they are

    Quote Originally Posted by cross777 View Post
    IDK, I am hoping that they met up with laws crew first i mean as dangerous as flamingo is you would thing that they would want to go in fully loaded. But, he might be saving his crew as back up. But, as for laws crew here is what i am hoping for,
    Jean Bart - I hope he is still there, plus i want to see what he is made of and i want to see more of his abilities.
    Bepo- i want more information on what he is.
    Shachi and Penguin - I want to learn more about those two, they are obviously two of the more important members of laws crew, I hope he learn more about there powers and i hope that they might have some DF abilities.
    The rest of his crew- it will just be cool to get more information on them as a whole.
    Giving Oda's penchant for giving animals very human-like qualities, (Look at crazy Holy from Skypiea), Would be surprised if Bepo wasn't pretty much exactly what he appears to be.

    Quote Originally Posted by Flare Blitz View Post
    Well, looking at it objectively, it's no surprise Dofla woul rather say screw you to the WG than to Kaidou.
    As we've seen, the WG needs every asset it has to go up against a Younkou.
    It looks like Dofla has no problem dealing vith VA's and seems to be able to hold his own against Admirals.
    Aokiji saying "tell Sakazuki and have him dispatch the admirals", is a testament to DD's strenght and influence.
    So the only ones who have a remote chance to actually bring Dofla in right now are:

    (But he's Fleet admiral now, so I don't think he has time to go out himself, even though DD seems to be the biggest obstacle for his "new Marine HQ")


    -The 2 new Admirals?
    (Though so far it's unknown how they compare to the former Admirals' strenght.)

    (Of the currently known warlords he seems the only one capable, though I doubt he'd even care)

    It's this or 100 beast Kaidou who's on your ass who is known as the strongest "thing" in the world and has connections all over the new world... (+ seems to hold grudges easily)
    Yeah, still don't get that necessarily balance between the '3 powers'?! Had just Kaidou, or Shanks decided to attack , (during mid part of the war, when it was still either sides ball game, or even if WB's goal was death or destruction to the WG instead of rescuing Ace), the WG or wherever they pleased, seems like the WG despite any reinforcements would have been wiped out. Which really makes it seem like Yonkou completely trounces even the combination of WG + the Shichibukai.

    Any1 else think the numbers/ timing don't seem to work out right. (Maybe I misread some #'s, or read some mistranslations correct me if I'm wrong) If CC and Joker started this at least 1 year ago for Kaidou, with either weekly or monthly shipments, of at least an estimated 100 per shipment SAD ( since less than that 'per shipment' seems like a waste of a "shipment"); then counting the 500 'subjects' and even if Kaidou himself took a decent amount of SAD, shouldn't there be almost 2x, or even 3x the amount of SAD at least?, then is it that the rest wasn't used for a reason?
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